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Get 10% Off Today:AEEZO10

The old digital photo frames have been completely eliminated from the market, and the use of SD cards to store and transfer photos and videos via USB has long become a thing of the past! Because of the widespread use of WiFi and the advancement of electronics, users can now transfer photos from anywhere in the world while keeping file transfer speeds in mind. This article introduces 3 digital picture frames that are compatible with mobile apps and allow you to upload photos and control the frame from your phone.

2 Digital Picture Frames with App Support

  1. Nixplay 9.7-inch 2K Smart Photo Frame

This frame features a 2K Retina display and allows users to invite family and friends to add their photos/videos to a shared playlist.

The Nixplay App is available on Google Play and the App Store. Integration with Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram is also supported through Nixplay.

Nixplay digital picture frames are available in six sizes, starting from $149.99.

2. Aura

Aura uses an app with the same name as the brand, and photos can be sent to one or more frames at the same time. But depending on WiFi and the number of photos, photos may take a while to frame.

Aura photo frames are available in five models: Carver Luxe (10.1″), Buddy (10.1″), Mason Luxe (9.7″), Smith (9.7″), Mason (9″), starting from $169.

The Smartest Digital Picture Frame with App Support in 2022

The Aeezo digital photo frame is an eye-catcher in the market today in terms of functionality, operability and value for money. Aeezo’s design draws inspiration from modernist architecture, with a screen bordered by artificial mats and cut at 45 degrees in the corners; the frame has 16GB of built-in storage for up to 30,000 photos, and if you require more storage space, Aeezo supports users to insert an SD card for expansion.

To better protect user privacy, the only storage option Aeezo does not offer is cloud storage, which means users need to use the companion Frameo or AiMOR app (depending on your frame model) to transfer photos and videos to the frame. Once the app is installed, you simply need to enter the 12-digit code from the frame to pair your phone with the frame. This has obvious privacy advantages and you no longer have to pair the frame with your Facebook, email, Twitter or other personal accounts. Users upload and manage photos directly from the app, and one person can pair multiple frames, and multiple people can be paired with one frame, allowing the entire family to share photos together.

Aeezo digital photo frames are available in five models: Dreamtimes (8″), Portrait 01 (9″), Dream Plus (10″), Skyline (13″), starting from $67.99.

How to Transfer Pictures from Your Phone to A Digital Picture Frame Quickly via Mobile APP (Take AEEZO DREAM PLUS  as an example)

Step 1: Download the AiMOR App on Your Phone

To share your special moments with compatible photo frames from anywhere in the

world, start by downloading the free app AiMOR on your mobile device.

Search “AiMOR” in the App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android) to download AiMOR.

Step 2: Connecting to a Frame

In order to send pictures to a frame, you need to connect to the frame using the AiMOR app. Follow the steps below to connect:

  1. Tap the add friend icon on your frame. A box will appear with a unique code which is valid for 12 hours.
  2. Now go to the AiMOR app on your phone and click the plus icon under the device tab, then enter the code from the frame and click. Your mobile app is now connected to the frame.
  3. Share the frame code with your friends or family and then they can add the frame and start

sharing photos to the frame. There is no limit to the number of mobile users that can connect to the frame.

Step3: Sharing Photos & Videos from AiMOR to a Frame

Once you have connected to a frame on the mobile app, you can select photos and videos to share to the frame. If sharing from your gallery, you can send up to 9 photos at a time or send one short video (up to 15 seconds). You can also take photos or videos directly in the app.

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