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5 Methods to Send Pictures to a Digital Photo Frame (Even If There is No WiFi)

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Digital photo frames are becoming an essential part of the modern home, and modern frames with built-in WiFi support for remote transfer have officially supplanted older models. Each brand uses a different storage method and offers one or more applicable photo transfer options, especially most digital picture frame products currently on the market must connect to WiFi first, so it’s necessary for users to understand the different ways to send pictures to frames, both with and without WiFi.

Part 1: Ways to send photos to photo frames with WiFi

Part 2: How to send pictures to frame without WiFi

Part 3: A smart digital picture frame that supports sending pictures to frame with and without WiFi


3 Ways to Send Pictures to Frames Safely and Quickly

  1. Partner Application

Transferring photos from a phone to a digital picture frame via an app is by far the most common method. The most notable distinction between modern smart digital frames and older models is is that it abandons various physical ports the use of WiFi to sync files from the device, iCloud, or Google Photo Library.

The apps for each digital photo frame differ, but the basic steps are the same. The first step is to connect the frame to WiFi. Next, match the downloaded app with the frame, the matching method varies by brand, but most of them are connected by a string of code. Finally, select the photos and videos to be transferred in the app interface and click send. Depending on the network status, these photos will be displayed in the frame within seconds or minutes.

2. The Web Upload Utility

Uploading through an app can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive method for users with large volumes of photos. With this in mind, some digital picture frame brands like Aura and Nixplay that support cloud storage also offer Web Uploader, Google Photos integration, and Apple iCloud to complement their accompanying apps.

3. Email

If you don’t want to use other aids to transfer pictures, then try this way! Email picture frames like Dragon Touch and Pix-Star have unique email addresses for receiving photos. Send an email with the relevant subject from the email address you want to register to the frame’s email address (the specific subject can be viewed on the brand’s website), then check the notification in the frame and receive the request so you can send pictures to the frame as if you were using regular email.

Transfer photos and videos without WiFi

  1. USB Flash Drive

A USB port or SD card slot is usually designed on older photo frames. Despite the fact that WiFi is now almost ubiquitous, we must also consider the situation without it. It’s simple to copy and paste images from your computer to a USB drive, but make sure the frame you’re buying supports a common image file format like JPEG before you begin.

2. SD Card

SD card is the earliest and most direct method of digital picture frame transmission, especially when the network is unavailable. SD cards used in digital cameras are generally compatible with digital picture frames, and you can simply remove them and insert them into the frame’s card slot. Please check the type of memory card you have before trying this method because some frames only support memory cards of a certain capacity.

Aeezo Digital Picture Frame: Allows for photo transfers both with and without WiFi

Following a thorough investigation of the frames currently on the market, it is clear that older frames only support USB or SD card transfers and cannot be networked. Modern frames, on the other hand, require a WiFi connection for almost all transfers. Aeezo is one of the rare frames that combines both SD card storage and remote transfer.

  • Without WiFi

Each of Aeezo’s photo frames is designed with an SD card slot on the side, so you can use the SD card to import photos into the frame or export them from the frame. Aeezo does not support cloud storage due to the principle of user privacy protection but uses built-in storage. The storage space that comes with the frame can meet the needs of the average user, but if you are an avid photographer, then the SD card plus the built-in storage space can be said to have almost unlimited storage.

Please note before inserting the SD card make sure your card is using the FAT32 or NTFS file system, if not you can reformat the card to one of these file systems.

  • With WiFi

Aeezo’s main transfer method is through the mobile application. The apps available for different models of frames vary. Here we take the AiMOR app for Aeezo Dream Plus as an example.

Step 1: Download the AiMOR app on your phone

Search “AiMOR” in the App Store (for iOS system) or on Google Play ( for Android system) to download the app.

Step 2: Connect the frame with the app

After clicking on the “add friend” icon on the frame, a unique code string will appear, valid for 12 hours. Go to the AiMOR app, click on the plus icon under the device, and enter the code on the frame to connect the frame to the application. Share the frame code with your friends or family and they can connect to the frame in the same way and start sending photos to the frame. There is no limit to the number of mobile users connected to the frame.

Step3: Sending Pictures & Videos from AiMOR to a Frame

Choose photos and videos (up to 15 seconds) to send to the photo frame in the app. Share from your gallery, you can send up to 9 photos or a short video. Alternatively, you can take a photo or video directly in the app and send it.

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