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Get 10% Off Today:AEEZO10

My dad is in his 70s. He does not own a smart phone. He only uses Facebook and we can’t be friends there because he cannot be civil and he doesn’t understand privacy settings. It’s like that. But he gets so lonely sometimes and this felt like a good way to keep him in the loop without letting him loose on all my social media pages.

He got it for xmas, and I send him pics of his grandkids, my cat, funny memes, whatever. You put the Frameo app on your phone and tell it his specific frame code. It took about two minutes. It was easy to share that code with my siblings so that they could also spam him.

Every. Single. Time. I talk to him these days, he mentions this frame. You can set it up so it dings when it gets a new message, and he tells me he gets so happy whenever he hears there is a new photo in there for him. I think it’s genuinely brought some joy to his life in a way I didn’t think it would.

Would totally buy it again. I can share things with him and not worry that he will hit REPOST and show it to a million strangers on the internet. It’s great. I love boundaries.

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