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Get 10% Off Today:AEEZO10

Let me be honest. I never ever used or had one of these wifi photo frames in my life. this was my very first purchase, not knowing how it would work and how easy or difficult to set up. Actually I was bit concerned about setting up the whole thing, connecting to my phone, wifi…etc

I have a mom who is in nursing home. She is 84 but recently she was diagnosed with liver cancer that she can no longer live alone. Anyway, I wanted to give her all of her family photos, her son, grand children and her best friends. So, this wifi photo frame was the best choice.

The unit comes with clear instructions which at first glance seemed bit “lost” but it was so easy to follow on-screen guidance, and web site info guided me through the process step-by-step. It took a few minutes, but I was quickly able to upload about 200 photos from my phone for viewing on the device. 9.7″ screen was perfect and it has 16 GB built in storage where I can store thousands of photos. Not only I can get photos from my own phone, but also I can invite any other friends’ to upload their photos into the same frame which was absolutely convenient and perfect for what I was trying to do for my mom.

And the screen is touch screen and you can navigate and reset, change, modify…etc whatever you want to do with the touch screen. It is incredible how technology has evolved along with this wifi photo frame.

I would like to set this up for my mom, but this could be a wonderful gift for every family members when Christmas or birthdays come around. It is a fantastic device to be able to see daily those they love as well as remind themselves of the many choice experiences they have enjoyed in life.

I would highly recommend this as a gift to yourself as well as those you love.


—Story From Alex Y. Yoon

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