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Get 10% Off Today:AEEZO10

At Aeezo, we genuinely love our products, and I’m sure you will as well! In order to provide users with a better experience of using our products, we will update the firmware of the applications used in our digital photo frames and the physical frames from time to time in order to continuously improve and enhance the functionality and stability of our products. AEEZO DREAM PLUS has recently updated its system, please refer to the following for detailed update information and the applications applicable to each model of the photo frame.



Screen: 9″ IPS Touchscreen

Resolution: 1280*800 HD

CPU: Quad-core Cortex TM-A7

Physical Storage: 16GB

WiFi: 2.4GHz

Screen Ratio: 16:9

Applicable App: Frameo


Screen: 10″  2K IPS Touchscreen

Resolution:2048 x 1536

CPU: Quad-core A53 1.8G

Physical Storage:16GB


Screen Ratio: 16:9

Applicable App: AiMOR

Note: The AEEZO Dream Plus digital picture frame’s system was updated to AiMOR on the following date: 2021/11/05 for white; 2021/11/15 for black.


Screen: 13.3″ IPS Touchscreen

Resolution:1280*800 HD

CPU: Dual-core Cortex TM-A7

Physical Storage:8GB


Screen Ratio: 16:10

Applicable App: AiMOR


Note: The App Store is also where you can find release version numbers and notes that cover the most important changes introduced in the application version.

Aeezo’s goal is to provide a perfect user experience for every customer, our customer service team is ready to help you with all your questions about Aeezo digital picture frames. If you cannot find the answer to your question in our help center, you can submit a help request to [email protected]

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