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When the word “graduation” is mentioned, the sense of fulfillment, loss and success are mixed with the unique queue of graduates’ revelry sweeping in. Graduation is like a big period, from then on, we bid farewell to a reckless youth, a youthful and frivolous year, a fantasy era…… We always connect graduation with the words growth and time. The process of growing up is accompanied by a gradual strengthening of the heart, and the best times are always unknowable. If there is a moment when you look back and find that the stumbling past can make you grateful, and the so-called results are long desired, then perhaps this is the best time.

We grabbed our cameras and took as many photos as we could, trying to record every place in school and every moment our classmates spent with each other, because graduation meant that we were on the same page with our classmates and relied on each other, and the feeling of being in the same boat would never be there again. When you are sitting at the table and the bill has been paid, some night at four AM but no one is sleeping, that midnight listening to the sound of the guitar or the early morning that we have long since lost track of. We have experienced, walked, seen, laughed, and felt the same, all of which were eventually framed in the picture of the cap flying in the sky at the graduation ceremony.

I have been away from campus for many years now, but I used to transfer every meaningful photo into a digital photo frame. I have an Aeezo digital photo frame on my desk and bedside table, and every time I see a photo memento of my graduation day, my consciousness will be pulled back to the campus. I have been using the Aeezo photo frame as a tool to document my life and showcase my photos, and I only need to download an app to transfer photos from my phone to the frame. I use it to browse through recent photos before going to bed, and the frame’s built-in sleep timer automatically closes the frame when I’m ready to sleep to avoid disrupting my sleep. The point of photos is to showcase and give comfort to the tired mind, and the Aeezo digital photo frame is a perfect carrier for these beautiful moments.

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