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This article will explain how to change WiFi network in Aeezo photo frame. If you have recently changed your WiFi name, changed to a new router or took your photo frame to somewhere else, you can find the answer to your question by reading this article.


Please follow the steps listed below to change the WiFi network of your photo frame.

  1. Plug the frame into the power supply and start it, and try to put it as close to the WiFi router as possible.
  2. Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Settings”.
  3. Under “WiFi”, find the WiFi network you want to change and click it. If you want to disconnect or remove this WiFi, select “Forget”in the pop-up page.
  4. If you want to connect the photo frame to a new WiFi network, just click the WiFi name and enter the password.Note: In order to protect privacy, Aeezo photo frame does not allow users to remotely change the WiFi network, users can only operate the WiFi network in the photo frame.


    If the above method doesn’t work and you cannot see the WiFi network you want to connect to, please click the “Refresh” button in the upper right corner. For some routers, you may need to make multiple attempts until the network appears. If multiple attempts still fail, please reboot the router and make sure your router supports the 2.4 GHz standard before repeating the above steps.


    If the information in this article does not help you resolve your issue, please submit a detailed support request to [email protected], Aeezos customer will help.


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