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Get 10% Off Today:AEEZO10

Dr. Arthur Kornhaber, author of The Grandparent Guide,” says, “It’s the only relationship where people are crazy about each other just for breathing.” Grandchildren and their grandparents, he says, are often “filled with adoration, unconditional love and joy for each other’s existence. I strongly agree and believe that the bond between children and their grandparents is obvious, strong and inseparable.

I believe most people remember grandfather and grandmother as kind and gentle, with pale and slightly black hair, wearing a pair of silver and white glasses, eyes squinting into a slit when reading a book, with wrinkles on their faces and a blush, foreheads covered with the vicissitudes of the years. They watched us grow up together with our parents, accompanied us to explore the world, to find the true meaning of life, and gave us the courage to go forward in anything without bowing to difficulties.

Even though the memories are fond, we have to face the reality. As we grew up and went to college or work in faraway places, our grandparents grew older and older. They still talk and laugh as much as we remember when we get together with them during holidays, but the heavy workload of school and busy schedule does not allow us to spend as much time with the elderly as we used to, and they miss their grandchildren and want to know how they are doing these days, but they also worry about disturbing them. I had the same worry before knowing I bought an Aeezo digital photo frame for my grandparents.

The powerful sharing features and ease of use of the Aeezo digital photo frame were the main reasons I purchased it. I can send my photos to my grandparents’ frame anytime, anywhere by simply entering the frame code into the app from my phone, and after a short while, they can immediately see the photos in the frame. In this way, my grandparents can also be involved in my life at any time! What’s more, the Aeezo digital photo frame is so easy to use that even people who are not familiar with electronics can figure out how to set up the frame.

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