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Everyone has a different understanding and opinion about what the meaning of travel is. From my point of view, the significance of tourism is that it allows us to misunderstand life. In this life, we are all passers-by without commitment, spectators in a relaxed mood, and foreigners full of anticipation. The experience of travel is fleeting, and we enjoy the moment when we wander through the plains and valleys, full of pleasure at the sensory experience of the moment. But inevitably, these travel memories will fade away, and perhaps be completely forgotten as we grow older, so I like to record journeys to help me remember every meaningful experience.

Why create a travel record?

When you are staring at the computer, the cod in Alaska is jumping out of the water; when you are frustrated with your work, the cloud eagle on the prairie is straight into the clouds; when you are squeezing the subway, the backpackers in Nepal are already around the campfire with their glasses of wine. In this world, there are some roads that you can’t walk in high heels, some air that you can’t smell with perfume, and some people that you can never meet in office buildings.

Record the people and things you meet in each section of the trip, record the moments that move you in each journey, when looking back again you will find that there is kindness from strangers, but also the sunset on the beach hand in hand with the elderly ……… The meaning of recording a trip is to always remember the power gained from the journey.

The great tool to record travel – Aeezo digital photo frame

I believe almost everyone can’t resist taking pictures of every meaningful moment during the journey, especially with the constant updating and improvement of smartphones and cameras nowadays. With the help of photos and videos, we can quickly record what we see and hear during the journey. Images have the incomparable charm of words, just as the image memory is valid for a longer period of time and faster, after many years when you see the previous photos taken again you are likely to remember everything in that scene.

Aeezo digital photo frame is a great tool to carry your memories of your trip. 2K super high resolution can display photos and videos clearly and losslessly, and the built-in large storage space can meet your storage needs. Its powerful sharing feature supports multiple users to join the frame, and each joined member can transfer photos and videos to the frame remotely. You can choose to place the Aeezo digital photo frame on your desktop or hang it on the wall, and I’m sure its black frame will fit perfectly into almost any style of interior decor.

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