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General Questions

1, How to turn on my Aeezo frame?

1> Make sure the frame is plugged with valid outlet and power cord is not loose.
2> Please unplug the power cord in the end of plug for 10 seconds before plugging it back in.
3> Then please long-press the power button at the backside of the frame to check if the frame would be powered on.

2, How to connect to WiFi / remove WiFi?

1> Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Settings”
2> Under “Wi-Fi,” click on the network that you want to connect to, and enter the password.
1> Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Settings”
2> Under “Wi-Fi,” click the network you want to delete

3, What should I do if the frame cannot be turned on after being charged?

Please check if the sleep mode is on after awake the screen by pressing the power key.
You could close the sleep mode by setting the time as 00:00 to 00:00.

4, Touch screen problems: stuck / click unresponsive / slow response.

Shut down and restart.

5, How to change the name of frame/ frame location / language / time zone?

Click the screenshot and come to “setting”; Frame—>Frame name; input the name and confirm.
Click the screenshot and come to “setting”; Frame—>Frame name; input and confirm.
Click the screenshot and come to “setting”; Frame—>Language; choose language.

6, How to change WiFi password?

Solution 1: Please long press the WiFi and it will pop up the box to allow you input the password again.
Solution 2: Please try another WiFi.
Solution 3: If you don’t have another WiFi or the frame cannot connect with any Wifi. Please do the factory reset by checking “Settings-Backup-Factory Reset”and connect wifi again.

7, Does this digital photo frame run on battery?

The frame needs to be connected to power to operate. It does not use batteries.

8, What’s the total storage capacity?


9, Do I have to pay for a subscription?

No, there is not any subscription. It’s lifetime free for you to share photos.

10, Can the frame receive gif images?

Yes, but they will be displayed as still images. If you want an animated gif, you need to convert the file to a video format first, and then share it to the photo frame.

11, Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, All Aeezo frames come with a one year warranty and lifetime customer service support. If you have any questions or comments about our products, please feel free to contact us.

12, Does it have remote control?

No, it doesn’t. We believe that less is more, and you really don’t need a remote control for this product. Anything you’d want to do with a remote you can simply do by using the touchscreen directly.

13, How to get the code?

1> Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Add friend”
2> Enter the frame code on your mobile phone to add the device.

14, Is this a cloud frame?

AEEZO frame allows free unlimited cloud transmission that worth $200 on other photo management platforms with only 10TB storage. Photos sent from the smart phone will be received and saved on the photo frame but not saved on cloud, so it is more private and safer.

Product FAQs

1, How to change the temperature measurement unit?

1> Tap and hold the time/weather bar
2> Click ℃ or ℉

2, How to send pictures to the frame?

1> Please download free Aimor app in Google play or App store and then register your Aimor account.
2> Please make sure the frame is connecting with Wifi and get a new code by clicking ” add friends” on the menu.
3> Please open ”Aimor APP -device – add new device” and input the code to make the frame and App connected.
4> Send picture by choosing pictures on the APP page.

3, Does it rotate the picture automatically to fit the frame?

Yes, the photo will be fully viewed in either vertical or horizontal way. Also you can choose to change the default photo display as full frame or fit to the frame.

4, How to importing / Exporting photos from the frame to an SD card?

1> Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Settings”
2> Under “Manage,” click “Import photos” or “Export photos”
3> Select the photos you want to import/export, then click the icon in the top right corner.

5, How to show / hide captions?

1> Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Settings”
2> Under “Slideshow,” go to “Show captions” and toggle the switch on or off.

6, How to delete a file / multiple files?

Tap and hold on the photo or video you want to delete, click confirm to delete it from your frame / Click “Settings”, under “Manage,” go to “Delete”, then tap the files you want to delete, then click the delete (trash can) icon in the top right to confirm.

7, How to add friends / delete friends?

Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Add friend”. / Click “Settings”, under “Friends,” click the friend who you want to remove.

8, What should I do if the photo frame is not turned off but the screen turns black?

Please check if the sleep mode is on after awake the screen by pressing the power key. You could close the sleep mode by setting the time as 00:00 to 00:00.

9, Multiple users on different phones around the country - can they all add pictures or short videos to a single device?

Yes! All others just need download the Frameo app, set up their user name, then use the app to share their photos to the frame. Distance isn’t an issue. Share your moments anytime anywhere with AEEZO Frame via free Frameo App!

10, Can I share pictures with multiple photo frames?

Yes, you can share photos to multiple frames at the same time with the Frameo app. Connect all frames to your Frameo ID first, then choose the frames you want to share with when sending photos.

11, What should I do if the frame is showed offline on Frameo APP?

1> Please click Settings – WiFi – Current network – Click on the connected network – Forget. Then connect to this or other WiFi again.
2> Please disconnect the frame and turn on again, get it connect with availabel WiFi.

12, Can I share pictures from Facebook?

If you have these FB pictures on your phone or tablet, you can.

13, What to do if the app doesn't show all the photos?

1>Please check if you open the permissions for Aimor to visit all your photos on your phone setting – Aimore – photos – all photos.
2> Return to app and try again. Please click “recent” on the home page and choose an album you want. Here is the picture for you to find the position.
3> It supports png.jpg format pictures and MP4 format videos in the local Gallery, and other formats of pictures or videos cannot be read.
4> If the picture or video cannot be found in the gallery, it will not be displayed in AIMOR APP.

14, Is there any way to transfer pictures via email or website?

Not support. Currently only Frameo app can transfer pictures, or SD/USB

15, Can I only send pictures to Aeezo frame through the app? Can an email be set up with this frame?

Yes, but it is very easy to share your code with others.

16, Is it possible to enlarge the font of the subtitles?

The font of the subtitles cannot be resized now. But we have feed your needs back to our engineers, don’t worry, we have more than 100 R&D engineers, and we will continue to improve our products if necessary.

17, Does Aeezo frame support transferring photos from USB drives/flash drives?

Aeezo frames support import and export of photos from USB ports, SD slots, depending on the model. The 10-inch version has only an SD socket, and the 9-inch and 13.3-inch versions have only a USB socket.

18, Can I load and play MP4 videos on this frame?

Aeezo frames support MP4 videos of 15 secs or less.

19, Do pictures and video show up together in the slideshow?

Yes, pictures and video show up together, you can share up to 10 photos at a time or one video up to 15 seconds.

20, How long is the video file limit?

Videos files are currently limited to 15 seconds. We value your suggestion and will consider adding a longer video feature to future product updates.


1, Is it secure to send photos via the Frameo app?

Yes, Frameo is a secure app that uses end-to-end encryption. To protect your privacy, your photos are never stored in the cloud, and when transferring, they can only be decrypted on the intended recipient’s frame.

2, Can I connect to a public WiFi network with Aeezo?

In some cases, Aeezo can connect to public WiFi.

3, Where are my photos stored?

Photos sent from smartphones are received and saved on the frame, but not in the cloud, making them more private and secure.

4, Are my photos private and secure?

Very secure, your privacy is important to us and we will not share your email address, personal information or photos with any third party under any circumstances.

Other FAQs

1, Can I upload photos from my phone directly to Aeezo frame and they will play automatically like a slideshow?

Yes, takes seconds to send from phone to the frame and they play like a slideshow which you can do either in date or random.

2, Do we need to but a microsd card separately?

Yes, but it comes with in built storage.

3, Do I need to be connected to the same WiFi as the frame or can I upload pictures from hundreds of miles away?

No need to connect to the same WiFi, you can do it from any device with the app and the unique code for the frame.

4, Can it be used in the UK?

Yes, it can be used in UK, it comes with UK plug.

5, Can upload pictures from Apple/ iPhone / iCloud via WiFi or need to convert the files?

You can upload pictures from Apple / iPhone / iCloud through Frameo app, no need to convert them.

6, Can Aeezo frame read the title and date from the photo metadata?

Yes. Setting method: Settings——Slideshow——Show caption.

7, Can I play back photos directly from a USB-connected hard drive?

The USB port is for importing or exporting photos from USB drive to the frame. It does not support playing photos from USB drive directly.

8, Is it possible to set the photo display to be faster than 10 seconds?

No, you can only choose how long each picture is on screen from 10 seconds to 30 minutes.

9, Can Aeezo photo frames display random photos?

Yes, it can be displayed randomly. You can set the display order in the photo frame, play by date or randomly.

10, Does the frame need to be connected to WiFi all the time to display photos?

No, it doesn’t. Photos can be displayed offline without WiFi, but new photos cannot be received, WiFi is necessary to transfer photos.

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