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We had to start working from home for some reason, and business meetings were being supplanted by video chats at the same time. So, in addition to mobile phones and computers, we now have more tools to make video calls, such as digital photo frames. Aeezo already has a digital photo frame for video calls, and a pop-up camera makes smart photo frames more than just digital photo frames. Easy video calls with friends and family using Aeezo digital photo frame.

Many people want to know how to appear as attractive online as they do in person. That could entail figuring out how to make your face look better on a colleague’s laptop screen or appreciating the value of a spotless living room in the background.On a video call, here are some ideas for looking good and professional.


Pay attention to the lighting

It’s critical to have good lighting. The ideal lighting is natural light that is bright. It uniformly highlights and brightens your complexion and features, giving you a clear, movie-star-like appearance. Alternatively, place a light behind your laptop, phone, or tablet. You may also tackle your lighting issues with a small selfie light fastened to your smartphone or carried with your phone at the same time.


Low angles should be avoided

Always keep your camera eye level or above. To avoid the double chin illusion or the computer looking up your nostrils, make sure your camera is at least slightly raised. This means you might have to improvise by stacking books on a table or using a short stepstool. If you don’t already have one, now is a good opportunity to get a tripod that can handle computers, phones, and tablets. Choose a tripod that can be affixed to a variety of surfaces if you primarily use your cell phone for calls and meetings.


Select the appropriate backdrop

When making a video call, you want the focus to be on you, so find a setting that is free of distractions. Before a call, turn on your camera to see what you’re capturing and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the view is clear. Virtual backgrounds are available with some video calling software, or you can set up a plain colored backdrop behind you.


Prepare in advance

It is critical to plan ahead. You probably don’t want to use the camera as a mirror to finish any hair, face, or lighting touches you should have done before joining the conversation. It pays to arrive early in real life, and the same is true for video calls. You’ll get a preview of how you’ll appear on camera so you may make any necessary changes before the call begins.


Find a quiet location and use your best headphones

Most of us don’t have much control over audio, but your voice will sound better if you answer the phone in a quiet environment. Also, keep in mind that your headphones’ microphone may be superior to your computer’s. Most video conferencing apps feature a tool for testing microphones, and I recommend gathering all of the microphones in your house (headphones usually have one built in) and testing them to find the one that sounds the clearest. Remember to keep your microphone turned off unless you are speaking.

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