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Get 10% Off Today:AEEZO10

After one month of using it I bought another.
1. The frame quality is pretty good. It doesn’t look flimsy or crappy.
2. The frame doesn’t rely on their cloud and App or WiFi. I’m able to import/export photos using SD card, and it displays photos without WiFi. This is what I love. So the frame still functions even if the company stopped their services (the cloud or the app). (Note – some brands heavily rely on their cloud and WiFi)
3. I can manually adjust brightness of the screen (Note – some brands are unable to do this at all, but some brands provide light sensors to auto adjust the screen brightness instead). I prefer manually adjust.
4. I can schedule on/off time of the frame.
5. I can play photos and videos (15 secs) altogether. (Note – for some brands, I have to choose either to play photos or videos)
6. Crisp videos and photos
7. The frame has auto rotation
8. Good touch screen

1. Unable to delete photo remotely using the app. I have to delete it from the frame. This becomes an issue if I don’t have the frame with me.
2. The currently way of deleting the photo or video is not very convenient. I have to stop the slide show and go into delete sections and manually find the photo I want to remove. this is very difficult because I have thousands of photos and they are displayed in thumbnail (or small) photos. it would be great if we can delete the photo while it show in the slide (big picture). Currently we can only hide it from the slide.
3. It only works for 2.4Ghz WiFi. Now most of device supports 5Ghz WiFi.
4. When it plays video, it shows a small video control panel (pause and sound buttons) on the bottom left of the video. I find it annoying.
5. It doesn’t support sending Photo from PC (for some brands, they can upload photos using a internet browsers via FTP). it supports uploading photos using only SD card (no USB flash drive either) and the App period.

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