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The first year of a newborn’s life can be stressful; it’s a hectic and challenging time. It is nevertheless, magical, priceless, and extremely satisfying. You’ll want to record every detail of those enchanting early days…everything from the first time you watched her take her first unsteady steps until now. So why not use a baby’s first photo album to create family memories? Here’s the ideal approach to save these priceless memories and document your baby’s first year in images.

Record lots of content

Every moment of a baby’s development is worth recording, especially the early parts. The first tooth, the first hairstyle, the first visitor, the first smile — all the first times are worth treasuring. You can also take group photos with parents, siblings, and grandparents. Taking photos with your baby can be tricky, and you need to capture these photos as your baby grows, so make a to-do list.


Tips for Photographing Your Baby

Following these picture-perfect baby photo tips will make taking great pictures of your sweetie a breeze. It doesn’t take much to make your kid look adorable; all he needs to do is grin without teeth. Even if your photographic skill is inadequate, just do your best to capture his cuteness for posterity.

1.Look for the best light
Forget about your camera’s flash settings. Snap baby shots in natural light as much as possible. Place a blanket outside or in direct sunlight in front of a window or glass door, then place your child on top of it and begin snapping.

2.Capture the details
Faces are fantastic, but so are the little details that could be overlooked. Zoom in on the details, such as that strand of hair on the back of her head, those lovely little toes, her chubby belly, and her cute belly button.

3.Make your baby feel at ease
Make sure he’s rested, fed, and comfortable (with clean diapers and clothes that aren’t too hot or too tight). Plan your photo shoot within half an hour after your baby’s feeding and dress him in a simple outfit.

4.Use a toy or a song to catch your baby’s attention
You’ll need to make eye contact with your child to get a beautiful photo, but that can be difficult with a camera in the way. For the perfect photo, use a shaker or play peekaboo while moving the camera in front of and away from your face.


Digital photo albums are best

Maybe you are a scrapbook lover, but I suggest you make a digital photo album and load it onto a digital frame. Digital photo frames take up less space, are sleek and modern, and you can keep them on a shelf in the family room or on a desk all the time. Using a digital photo frame can save you time and money — it’s actually cheaper than printing all your photos and buying all the materials for a traditional scrapbook.
With 16 GB of internal storage, the Aeezo Smart Photo Frame is the perfect place to store all of your baby’s first photos, and it holds up to 30,000 photos, meaning you’ll never run out of space. Its high-definition screen displays stunning, clear images, perfect for showcasing your photos. You can easily share your baby’s first year progress with family members far away using the connected mobile app.

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