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Setting up a new Aeezo digital photo frame

Welcome to Aeezo! We created this article to help you set up your Aeezo digital photo frame, and the content of this article complements the Aeezo user manual you received with your frame.
How to use the free Frameo app to set up your new photo frame:
1.First, please search and download the “Frameo” application from GooglePlay or Apple App Store on your smart device. After downloading, enter your name in the username field and click “Next”.
2.Unbox the frame, connect it to the power supply and plug the side of the power cord with the bracket into the socket on the back of the frame, then the photo frame will start automatically.
3. Tap the center of the screen of the photo frame, select “Settings” from the options that appear, and then go to the “Wi-Fi” option. Select your WiFi network and enter the corresponding password. Once your photo frame is connected to your network, it will show “Connected”.
4.Return to the main screen, tap the center of the frame’s screen and select “Add Friend” from the options that appear, and then a string of codes (12 digits in total) will appear on the display.


5.Open your Frameo application, find the icon in the top left corner and click on it, then enter the code from step 4 in the pop-up dialog box.
6.You can view and modify the name of your frame in “Frame” section; and in the “Friends” option, you can check which friends you have added to the frame and who can transfer photos to the frame.

Important Hint:
After the photo frame is connected to the power source, please connect the photo frame to the WiFi first. Only when the photo frame is online and the code has not expired, the code you entered in the Frameo app can be correctly recognized.

Aeezo Frame User Manuals

If you do not find the answer to your question in the FAQs section of our Customer Service, you can refer to the specific user manual of Aeezo digital photo frame below:

Aeezo 9.7 inch digital photo frame user manual (锚文字,点击下载用户手册)
Aeezo 10.1 inch digital photo frame user manual (锚文字,点击下载用户手册)
Aeezo 13.3 inch digital photo frame user manual (锚文字,点击下载用户手册)

Note: If you are not sure which model of the Aeezo digital photo frame you have purchased, please click here to check the various series of our current products.
If your question relates to frame setup, this video may help you:

If you need additional help with this digital photo frame, please describe your problem as specifically as possible and send it to [email protected] Our customer service team will assist you in solving the problem as soon as possible.

Change the WiFi of Aeezo Frame

This article will explain how to change WiFi network in Aeezo photo frame. If you have recently changed your WiFi name, changed to a new router or took your photo frame to somewhere else, you can find the answer to your question by reading this article.

Please follow the steps listed below to change the WiFi network of your photo frame.
1.Plug the frame into the power supply and start it, and try to put it as close to the WiFi router as possible.
Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Settings”.


3.Under “WiFi”, find the WiFi network you want to change and click it. If you want to disconnect or remove this WiFi, select “Forget” in the pop-up page.


4.If you want to connect the photo frame to a new WiFi network, just click the WiFi name and enter the password.

Note: In order to protect privacy, Aeezo photo frame does not allow users to remotely change the WiFi network, users can only operate the WiFi network in the photo frame.

If the above method doesn’t work and you cannot see the WiFi network you want to connect to, please click the “Refresh” button in the upper right corner. For some routers, you may need to make multiple attempts until the network appears. If multiple attempts still fail, please reboot the router and make sure your router supports the 2.4 GHz standard before repeating the above steps.

If the information in this article does not help you resolve your issue, please submit a detailed support request to [email protected], Aeezo’s customer will help.

·Invite or remove friends to share Aeezo Frame
Aeezo digital photo frame allows you to share photos with your family and friends. You can easily invite friends and family to join your frame with a string of specific codes. Invited members only need to enter the code and then they can send photos to the frame through the free Frameo app.

How to add friends to the frame:
1.Launch the Aeezo digital photo frame and make sure it is connected to WiFi.
2.Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Add friend”.
3.After loading, you will see a string of 12-digital codes, please share this string of codes to the members you want to add (via SNS, email or other means).
Note: After successfully adding friends, your friends can view all uploaded photos and control the photo frame.

How to accept a friend’s request to join someone else’s frame:
1.Search and download the free Frameo app in GooglePlay or Apple App Store to your smart phone.
2.Follow the prompts in the Frameo app to fill in the user name.
3.Find the 12-digital code that you received. Go to the main screen of the Frameo app, click on the icon in the upper left corner and enter the code correctly into the pop-up screen.
4.Once the code is successfully verified, you can view the existing pictures in the frame or send the photos to the frame.

How to remove previously added friends from the frame:
1.Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Settings”.


2.Under “Friends”, click the friend who you want to remove.


3.Select “Delete friend” button if you want remove this friend.


Note: After you removed a friend from a photo frame, the photos that the friend transferred to the frame will not be deleted.

If you encounter an unsolvable problem with the photo frame, please submit a detailed support request to [email protected], and we will further assist you in troubleshooting.

Where to enter the code
As part of the initial setup, the Aeezo photo frame will display a 12-digital code string. You will need to pair your Aeezo photo frame with your Frameo app by entering this code string. Please note that this code string is not a password and cannot be provided to you by Aeezo, you can only view it in the frame.

Please follow these steps to view the code in your photo frame:
1.Make sure that you have downloaded the Frameo app from GooglePlay or Apple App Store, and that your Aeezo frame is connected to a WiFi network.
2.Tap the screen to display the menu bar, click the “Add friend” button and you will see a 12-digital code.
3.Open the Frameo app on your phone, click the “Add friend” button in the upper left corner, then enter the code shown in the frame in the pop-up window. After the verification is successful, the frame and the Frameo app can be paired successfully.

If your Aeezo frame displays the 12-digital code after previously operating on your WiFi network, this might be due to a power outage or temporary loss of your WiFi network. Please follow these steps:

1. Reboot the frame
Unplug the power cord of the frame and reconnect it to the WiFi again.
2. Check if your frame is connected to the correct WiFi with good network status.
You can check the WiFi connection in “Settings” – “Wi-Fi”. To connect to a new WiFi, just find the corresponding WiFi name and click on it, enter the correct password. If you want to disconnect the existing WiFi, just click on it and select “Forget”.
3. Move the photo frame closer to the router
This will ensure that the frame can recognize the network as much as possible.
4. Reboot the router
For some brands of routers, you may need to try several times before it works.

If you need further assistance, please contact Aeezo’s customer support team: [email protected]

Resetting the Aeezo frame

We do not recommend that you reset the frame easily.
Resetting the photo frame will remove the frame and all its photos from your application. After resetting the photo frame, you will need to reset the frame to a new frame, add friends and add photos. If you are sure you want to reset the frame, please refer to the following steps:
1.Tap the screen to display the menu bar, click “Settings”.

2.In “Settings”, find “Backup”.

3.Click the “Factory Reset” button to reset the photo frame.

If there is an issue with your frame that cannot be resolved, I recommend that you first submit a detailed support request to Aeezo’s customer support team, and we will do a detailed investigation before recommending whether you really need to reset your frame, and then give you professional guidance and advice. If you firmly wish to reset the frame, you can follow the steps above.

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