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Photo Access and Privacy

As AEEZO is committed to respecting your privacy, we will only collect personal information for specific purposes. We will never communicate or disclose any of your personal information to anyone unless it is absolutely necessary to perform our duties to you.
AEEZO will never sell or disclose your data and privacy.
If you have any concerns or questions about this, you can access our complete Privacy Policy or contact our customer service team directly.
1)Agreeing to AEEZO’s Privacy Policy
When you visit the AEEZO website or use the Application, we will collect information about you and your use of the Services and represent that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy.
2)Photo Access
Photos shared through the app are never collected or seen by us or third parties. Communication between app and frame is end-to-end encrypted using Secure Device Grid.
Any photos you upload to the frame through the app are securely stored on your device and on the AEEZO frame. Without your permission, they will never be shared with any third party or other AEEZO users. To protect your privacy, your photos are never stored in the cloud, and when transferring, they can only be decrypted on the intended recipient’s frame.

Adding photos to a frame

The AEEZO frame can only add photos through the mobile app.

In order to send pictures to an AEEZO frame, you need to connect to the frame using the Frameo App. Follow the steps below to connect.

1.Download the Frameo app on your phone.

2. Click the add friend icon on your frame.

3.Share the code.

4.Enter the code in the Frameo app.

5.You can now send photos from your phone to the frame.

Once you have connected to a frame on the mobile app, you can select photos and videos to share to the frame. If sharing from your gallery, you can send up to 10 photos at a time or send one short video (up to 15 seconds). You can also take photos or video directly in the app.

Adding Photos to multiple frames

Frameo App allows you to easily send photos to multiple frames simultaneously (you are invited to join). You can use an application to connect multiple frames, so you can send photos to multiple frames. You can send photos to multiple frames as long as you can connect them.
For details, see“Adding photos to a frame”.


Removing photos from your frame

You can not remove photos in your frame through the application, the only way to remove a photo from the frame is through the frame.
1.Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Settings”.

2.Under “Manage,” go to “Delete”.

3. Tap the files you want to delete, then click the delete (trash can) icon in the top right to confirm.

Adjusting the photos on your frame

1. Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Adjust photo”.

2. Zoom in or out on the picture by pinching with two fingers. Use one finger to slide the picture to the desired position. When ready, click the checkmark to save changes.

3. Adjusted picture will be displayed in the slideshow.

Enjoying Videos on your AEEZO Frame

1)How do I send video to the frame?
Upload videos using the app, just like you upload photos to a photo frame. The length limit is 15 seconds.
2)Which video formats are supported?
AEEZO only supports video transmission in MP4 format.
3)Do all AEEZO frame models support video?
Yes, all frame models will be able to display your 15-second videos. Meanwhile, all models of the frame can play sound.

Order of photos in the slideshow

You can choose to display photos ordered by date or random.
1. Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Settings”.

2. Under “Slideshow,” go to “Display order”.

3.Select the option in which you want to play.

Setting a timed slideshow interval

While you can’t change the actual order in which photos are displayed in the frame, you can change the interval at which the frame moves from one photo to the next.
1.Tap the screen to display the menu bar, then click “Settings”.

2. Under “Slideshow,” go to “Timer”.

3. Select the desired display time for each photo in the slideshow.

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