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Hey guys, Christmas is just around the corner! I’m sure for most of you the holidays are exciting and one of the greatest joys of Christmas is decorating your home, but it can also be overwhelming. Everyone has a different idea of Christmas decorations and I’m going to present a variety of different Christmas decorating themes and “secret weapons” to increase the festival atmosphere”.

Vintage Christmas Decor
When it comes to Christmas decorating themes, I believe that the traditional Christmas aesthetic is the first thing that comes to mind. The three main colors of red, green and gold can add a classic and cozy feeling to the holidays. American-style decorations like vintage sleighs and American flags can perfectly add retroelements to the classic style.

Elegance Style
Decorating in an elegant style can make your Christmas luxurious and understated. To create this kind of winter wonderland, you mainly need to use three tones of silver, gold and white. You can also capture the holiday season by also putting a modern spin on your decor.

This year, when I was preparing for Christmas decorations, I found a secret to increase the festive atmosphere – Aeezo digital photo frame. I purchased the black frame and it fits perfectly into the elegant modern Christmas decor I love. But my favorite is that it supports photo transfer via mobile app and I can invite my family to join the frame and the invited members can share photos to the frame anytime. I’m really looking forward to spending Christmas Eve with my family around the fireplace, browsing the photos with the Aeezo frame and reminiscing about the past year.

If you are tired of the ordinary Christmas decoration style, then it is time to make a new attempt. Metallic style decorations tend to use gold and silver to create a sense of coldness, while both colors fit well with the seasonal charm of winter. But when preparing your decorations, please remember not to add too many brightly colored decorations, as the contrasting tones will make your decoration style look out of place.

Minimalistic Christmas Decor
If you are very busy at work and do not have much time left for Christmas decorations, then you can consider adopting this minimalist style decoration method with fewer decorations. At first glance, it may seem like there are not many decorations, but the beauty is in the details. I recommend using evergreen as the main color, and candlelight to fill the room with a festive atmosphere.

Bright and Fun Style
Christmas decorations are not just limited to red and green color schemes and cozy ambiance. This decorating style allows you to use a variety of vibrant colors to create a fresh and unique atmosphere. You can be bold and add as many decorations as you like, but also pay attention to looking for really eye-catching pieces.

Subtle and Sophisticated Style
The most distinctive features of this decorative style are its simplicity, elegance and sophistication, highlighting the architecture of the house with just the right amount of holiday touches, such as stone fireplaces, built-in bookcases and wide staircases.

Once you’ve decided on a Christmas decorating style, it’s time to buy decorations. It is true that different decorating styles require different decorations, but some specific decorations that create a Christmas atmosphere can be used in almost all styles of decoration, here are some decorations that you can never go wrong to choose.

1. Lantern and Lights
Nothing says Christmas more than twinkling lights. Christmas lights can be used not only to decorate the Christmas tree but also to hang around windows, railings or fireplaces. If you have stairs in your home, you can also hang some lights along the handrail. Most of these lights have a warm yellow tint, which is great for either a warm style or a minimalist one.


2. Aeezo Digital Photo Frame
I believe this electronic photo frame can perfectly fit into all different styles of Christmas decorations, as both black and brown are very versatile. With the help of the mobile app, each family member can send photos to the frame. What could be more heartwarming than browsing photos with the family at Christmas, sharing and remembering the interesting events of each family member in the past year together?

3. Candles
Candles really are a great tool for creating a warm and cozy winter atmosphere. Adding a set of lit candles to your decor can take these Christmas decorating ideas to a new level, and it can be used as a centerpiece for small tables, vignettes and any furniture in your home. In addition, some holiday candles smell like cinnamon and baked goods, which can be very relaxing.

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