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2021 has passed and 2022 has arrived. In the past two years, we have spent more and more time at home. At the same time, the lifestyle we want has undergone subtle changes. It is very important to create a home that makes us feel comfortable. So, how will interior design trends change in 2022?In this article, you will learn about interior trends2022.


Retro Style

The term retro applies to any clothing, accessory or interior design style influenced by style trends of past generations.Retro means classics, with antiques, reused and recycled works occupying a central position.Retro interior design has always proved to be a popular and attractive trend, as well as a pleasant way for people to express themselves while decorating their homes.


Use of Natural Materials

Interior design trends seem to be taking a more environmentally friendly approach as people turn to warm colors and natural elements. Decorative elements made from real or man-made natural materials are in high demand as they add a natural and authentic look to your space.

The latest trend puts natural wood everywhere, from floors to countertops to accent finishes to cabinets. Stones like marble, granite and cobblestones — and materials that resemble them — also fit into current interior design trends. Both consumers and designers accept recyclable and handmade goods not only because of their aesthetic appeal, but also as a sign of their environmentally friendly design approach. Whether you use sustainable bamboo flooring or an indoor plant garden, bringing nature indoors is one of the hottest interior design trends of 2022.


Warm Colors and Memories

In the past few years, life has been busy and challenging. And it is estimated that there will not be much change in 2022. Therefore, many people tend to create a home that feels warm and calm in appearance.Expect to see many warm colors indoors next year. Beige, brown and earth tones will give our homes this warm look.

In addition to warm colors, many people also decorate their homes with warm memories. For example, many people like to stitch together photos of family and friends or put them in photo frames as decoration, which can make the home more warm. As technology has evolved, many people have also turned their attention to digital options, giving them the freedom to change images without fiddling with frames or spending time printing new ones. Check out our various types of AEEZO smart photo frames so you can easily upload your favorite memories and put them on display.


Sustainable Design

Sustainability is a home improvement trend we’ve seen for years. In 2022, the need for more sustainability in our homes will continue. As the world becomes ecologically conscious, it is logical that current trends in interior design will be based on sustainability. With current interior design trends in mind, check your local thrift store to see if it matches your design aesthetic before committing to a new purchase.


That’s our guide, what do you think about the trends of interior design in 2022? If you want to add a personal touch to your home, add memories to share with family and friends. Be sure to check out our smart photo frame where you can share your favorite memories directly from your phone using the app.

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