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Every family has its own unique style, and the choice of digital frame will be different for different families. No matter what the style of home, AEEZO has a variety of options to suit every family. Check out below to see what each AEEZO framework has, and then decide which one is right for your home.


The 8 inch digital photo frame

With a resolution of 1280 x 800, this smart digital picture frame can produce stunning, clear images and provide a comfortable viewing experience from any angle. IPS technology ensures wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction. The touch screen makes setting and display simple and convenient.

The application “AiMOR” is suitable for Android and iOS phones. Just download the app to your phone and connect it to your frame. You can quickly and easily send photos or short videos (up to 15 seconds) to your family and friends from all over the world. The user-friendly interface design makes it suitable for all ages. It only takes a few intuitive steps to complete the setup.

This frame is equipped with a built-in 2000 mAh battery, which can be pulled out for up to half an hour. You can unplug the frame and pass it to everyone for closer observation. In addition, it has a variety of customizable settings to meet your needs, such as automatic rotation, slide show mode, timing automatic progress, zoom and cropping, sleep mode, subtitles, etc.

It has a stylish, minimalist appearance, focusing on clean lines and geometric shapes. With its modern design and high-quality finishes, this frame turns your living room into an art gallery.


The 9 inch digital photo frame

Instantly share photos from your phone to AEEZO frame via the Frameo app. Invite unlimited friends and family to share photos to your photo frame, or send photos to the photo frame over WiFi. Plus, it’s the perfect gift for seniors who aren’t good at using smartphones to stay in touch with the younger generation.

Frameo is a professional photo management application that originated in Denmark and works with users in 25 countries around the world. It reached number one on the App Store and became the most popular album App. AEEZO digital Photo frame allows you to upload an unlimited number of photos. It also comes with a USB port and SD card slot, giving you more file storage and management options.

It has a 9-inch IPS HD touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800 that displays amazingly clear and vivid landscapes and portraits that recall your precious memories. View photos, delete videos or pause slideshows with a tap of your finger. Brightness and sleep mode can be set as required.

It automatically rotates photos to reorient them, allowing you to place WiFi frames in portrait or landscape mode or on walls. The built-in 16GB memory gives huge storage capacity. Also supports up to 64GB SD card or USB driver for file management.


The 10.1 inch digital photo frame

With a resolution of 2048 x 1536, this digital picture frame produces stunning, clear images, perfect for displaying your photos. IPS technology ensures wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction. Easily set up photo frames, view/hide/delete photos and videos, pause slideshows and more with a single click.

It is equipped with AiMOR, one of the leading photo-sharing platforms. After downloading the app on your Android or iOS mobile device, you can start sharing images to any AEEZO framework. Simply get the code from the framework owner and you can start sharing images from anywhere. Cloud delivery without subscription fees or data limits. Staying connected has never been easier.

The frame has 16 GB of internal storage and can hold up to 30,000 photos! It’s the perfect way to show off all special moments and a great gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

It also automatically rotates photos according to the orientation of the frame, filling the background with natural blur. Of course, you can also set the frame to auto-crop the image for full-frame display if you wish.It also offers a variety of customizable Settings, including sleep mode, display brightness, automatic advance timing, subtitles on/off, image position adjustment, and more.

The frame bracket and power adapter are integrated to make the device look stylish and simple. The surface of the frame has a superior soft touch and is available in rose gold, cyan, white and black.


The 13.3 inch digital photo frame

AEEZO 13.3-inch smart digital photo frame produces stunning high-resolution images, perfect for displaying your photos. IPS technology ensures wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction. Browse or manage your photos and videos with just one click. Customize your frame to your preferences with control over photo order, zooming/cropping, image captioning (via AiMOR app only), display brightness, sleep mode, and more!

It comes with a set of professional mounting accessories that allow you to hang digital picture frames on your wall as an engaging decoration.Hang it at home and enjoy your photo collection! It also comes with a remote control that lets you use a digital photo frame from a comfortable distance.

The AEEZO frame also works with the AiMOR app, allowing you to share your favorite moments with loved ones.

No matter what you are looking for, the AEEZO photo frame will be the tool of choice for leaving your most treasured memories. With a variety of colors and models to choose from, you can easily find the perfect frame to fit any corner of your home.

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