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Modern Digital Picture Frame Troubleshooting

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Over the years, a variety of smart hardware and electronic products have developed rapidly, and a wide range of smart devices are constantly being introduced, with a variety of functions and uses that encompass almost every aspect of people’s lives, bringing us a lot of conveniences.

The modern digital picture frame is an indispensable element in the modern home, which essentially draws on the product concepts of “sharing” and “interconnection” from the cell phone app itself. From the experience point of view its function is not complicated, simply speaking is an integrated display picture and intelligent connection function. It features a high degree of ease of use, using the APP to send favorite photos to the digital picture frame at any time. For a better user experience, we have collected some common problems and solutions for digital picture frame troubleshooting.

Frame resetting

Many problems with digital picture frames can be resolved by resetting the frame. You can refer to the instructions that came with the product when you purchased it for specific instructions on resetting. If you can’t find any, try unplugging the power cord, removing the battery, and removing all memory cards from the frame for a few minutes. After that, reconnect all devices and turn on the power. Pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds will sometimes reset the device.


No response from the frame when connecting a memory card or USB

While a lot of frames are now starting to adopt cloud storage, digital picture frames like the Aeezo still retain the SD card slot to ensure convenience for older users. If you insert an SD card or a USB frame that does not respond, you can try inserting a certified memory card with the picture side facing up into the appropriate memory card slot and pushing it into place. Make sure that the USB device is firmly connected and that the file format of your photos and videos is a format supported by the frame.

Photos may take longer to display in these cases: when the photo or video file is large or when a larger capacity memory card is used.


Incorrect image display

You can actually fix this problem by cleaning the screen. Fingerprints and dust may cause photos to be out of focus on the screen. If the image quality problem is intermittent, then it may be because the resolution at the time the photo was taken was not sufficient to create a clear image on the frame screen. Also, photos were taken horizontally or vertically that do not match the frame aspect ratio can make some of them look strange and out of proportion.


The frame does not turn on or off at the specified time

This happens because your frame is low on power, the clock will be restored to factory settings, and the automatic power on/off time will be disabled.


Refreshing the battery

If the frame has not been connected to AC power for a long time (more than a year), or if there is no charge in the battery, first refresh the battery. Fully charge the battery – connect the power cord and charge it continuously for at least 3 hours. Then fully discharge the battery – disconnect the power cord, start the frame, and let the frame run continuously until the battery is depleted (the frame automatically shuts down). Repeat the above steps 2 or 3 times.


The remote control does not work

First, please check the batteries of the remote control, then check that the remote control is not blocked by any object and is free from dust and dirt. Make sure there are no objects blocking between the remote control and the digital photo frame. You may also have exceeded the working distance of the remote control, so please try to get closer to the digital photo frame before using it.

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