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10″ 2K Wifi Digital Photo Frame – AEEZO Dream Plus


(116 customer reviews)

♥ Specifications:

Resolution: 2048 * 1536 (2K) IPS FHD Display

Screen Size: 10-inch touchscreen

Power Source: AC adapter

Physical Storage: 16GB (Can store up to 30,000 photos after cloud compression)

Screen Ratio: 4:3

WiFi: WiFi 2.4g / Bluetooth 2.1

♥ Fast shipping & NO-Hassle returns: Fast shipping on all orders. No-hassle returns within 30 days of purchase.

♥ Warranty: 1-year warranty on all purchases. For every return caused by quality issues, Aeezo provides a completely free replacement device or refund.


Dream Plus uses an integrated stand & power adapter to give the device a sleek, minimalist look. The frame has a premium soft-touch coating so it feels as good as it looks. Available in rose gold, teal, white, and black. The 2K full HD touchscreen display gives the ultimate viewing experience with crisp, vivid images, accurate color reproduction, and a wide viewing angle. Give your memories new life.



All Aeezo frames use P2P sharing technology, which means that your photos are never stored on our server or in the cloud. Aeezo frames can receive up to 30 thousand photos if you share through our free app. Unlike other digital frames, you’ll never need to pay to transfer and display the photos you love.



Imagine how much paper it would take to print out ten, twenty, or thirty thousand photos! Go digital and save those trees instead. With an Aeezo frame, you’re doing the environment a favor and saving money at the same time. Win-win.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 24.0 × 19.0 × 2.0 cm

White, Black


AiMOR (Android & IOS)


WiFi 2.4g / Bluetooth 2.1


Standard – US / EU





Image Format

.jpg.jpeg. png


1 year



116 reviews for 10″ 2K Wifi Digital Photo Frame – AEEZO Dream Plus

  1. Rue Barton

    I bought it for my parents, they keep telling send more! They are very satisfied and so am I.

  2. Basil Lane

    The product has an amazing display quality!

  3. Amaris Baker

    My husband says the photos are very clear and it’s very easy to put them to the frame from the AiMOR app. He has used it a bit of time now and there have been zero issues with the item so I’m pleased.

  4. Louise Well

    It makes me smile each time I go into the kitchen and I see a different memory from the pictures. It brightens my mood and I love it!

  5. Felicia Kim

    I gave this as a holiday gift to my husband. He LOVED it. He cleaned out his phone of all the photos he took but were never shared with the family.

  6. Ulrica Turner

    Because I loved the frame so much, I ordered one for the classroom I am in so we can all share pictures of the students.

  7. Rafael Brown

    The digital frame was easy to setup and picture quality is great. The manual called for a micro SD card but the slot is for a standard one. The micro adapter would not work in the slot but a full sized card did.

  8. Gabrielle Garcia

    I received one of these frames from our adult children. They can put new pictures of my out of town grandchildren on it and I can watch the pictures scroll by as I cook.

  9. Mica Rodriguez

    My Dad tells me daily how much he loves this frame. The entire family has the app and always uploads pictures.

  10. Johnson Wilson

    Great digital frame for those not tech-savvy.

  11. June Smith

    GREAT customer service. The frame is nice. Highly recommend.

  12. Eva Davies

    Well, I had an issue with sleep mode but after two emails it was fixed.

  13. Emma Taylor

    Obviously, I do not know how well they stand the test of time, but so far they are pretty darn cool! I am super excited to see everyone’s reactions at Christmas!

  14. Alan Chen

    My father lives in a different country and is averse to technology, like many people his age, He does not have a cell phone or email, but now I can share pictures with him about us and his grandson and he loves it.

  15. Katrina Hewitt

    Well, I had an issue with sleep mode but after two emails it was fixed.

  16. Susie Brown

    I just unboxed them all last night to get them set up prior to gifting them. Seriously easiest setup ever!

  17. Dicaprio Waterhouse

    Super easy to set everything up. Super easy to send pics. No problems with the app as of yet.

  18. Faith Peltzer

    I bought this frame for my daughter going away to college. We all love it.

  19. Laxman Das

    check yours a lot when you get it for this price it shouldn’t have a green line down the middle.

  20. Paul Gulley

    Quick and easy setup! Ordered for my niece who is about to be admitted for a bone marrow transplant.

  21. James M Greenwell

    Its awesome! It’s the best purchase I’ve made in amazon… its pretty and delicate and so easy to put together but the best part is how easy it is to set up and to send pictures and videos from your phone to the frame.

  22. Walter Nicolae Gurak

    Pictures are of great quality. I also got two frames for both sets of grandparents and was able to add both frames to the app so you can choose who you are sending the picture to.

  23. Amanda Jones

    It was very easy to set up. The picture quality is great.

  24. Tiny Cool

    I give this item more than 5 stars! I bought this frame for my grandma who doesn’t have a smartphone and she absolutely loves it!

  25. Victor Escobar

    I live in Hawaii and my family is on the U S mainland so I’m able to share photos with them and it helps my connection to them.

  26. Gary Stevens

    We got this for our mother for a Mother’s Day gift and so far we are very pleased.

  27. Merril Locke

    The packaging was very well done and everything looks like it is quality.

  28. Puia Khojol

    The only con I have discovered is that you can’t remotely remove photos from the frame from the app, only on the frame itself. If it ever gets full, my grandma would never figure out how to remove them.

  29. Ann Daria

    In short, I’m not comparing this to other devices of similar type. I just want to say that I’ve been using a scanner to scan photos from mom’s neglected old photo albums, and an SD card to load the digitized photos onto this picture frame.

  30. Debbie Tate

    I bought it for my mom. It is easy for my sister 3200 miles away to instantly send a picture of her baby to go in her frame.

  31. Ruth Ainley

    The photo quality is great and it’s easy to set up and add photos via the Frameo app. I definitely recommend this product if you’re looking into a digital frame.

  32. Sharmin Akter

    It is a great digital frame that is incredibly easy to set up and use. The app is simple and makes an excellent gift especially for parents and grandparents.

  33. Tracey Humphrey

    Got this for my mother in law and she absolutely loves it. She has 5 kids and 4 grand kids and we live sending her pictures.

  34. Kristina Benko

    The quality is really as good as the skylight my wife has and the best part is that it was much less expensive for equal quality.

  35. Mariya Azam

    The quality is great and you can edit the photos using the touch screen, I use the timer so that the device is not on at night. All and all I am very satisfied.

  36. Angela Mosher

    SO easy to upload pictures and videos! You can add captions for each photo, even music!

  37. Jonathan Bourdajaud

    I wish I could of loaded all pictures trough the Micro SD card but could only load 10 at a time which turned out they are out of order and I hate that but maybe a fix just have not found it yet

  38. Lele Mark

    I like that it has a sleep mode so it automatically shuts off during a scheduled time overnight, and it can sit on a table or be mounted on a wall in either portrait or landscape mode.

  39. Suzy B Hays

    Bought for my mom for Christmas. Works perfectly. We download an app and mom provided a code so we could sync up to the frame and upload pictures of the kids. She seems to really love it!

  40. Rose Eastman

    I got this for my mom for Mother’s Day so that all her kids and grandkids could send her pictures and she loves it!

  41. Mukkiaya

    This was a B-Day gift for mom’s 83rd birthday. She’s had a frame before but without the internet capabilities and the picture drop features. The frame is stylish (matches her decor), the stand is sturdy, super easy to set up and use.

  42. Nooriza Nbh

    Got this to give away as a gift. I preloaded some photos on it and it was very smooth.

  43. Paul Haidinger

    This frame has it figured out. You and other members of the family will simply download the app Frameo, add the code for this frame, then you use the app to access your photos on your phone. Then you can select what photos to send.

  44. Ashok Mishra

    I bought this as a birthday gift for grandma so she can see pictures of our family, especially the grandkids, in a larger scale other than her cell phone.

  45. Amni Prajapati

    Last Christmas I looked and looked for a digital frame to give my mother and grandmother that would look great and be easy for them to use. This frame checked both boxes. My entire family can send pictures to them using the Frameo app and setup is so easy.

  46. Dawn Moore

    I had received one of these as a gift and love it; so much that I bought one for a gift! Now famiy members can share photos from far away and it never gets old as the photos rotate in a random order.

  47. Emma Khanna

    Got this for my Mom for Christmas so the entire family can keep her up to date on happenings during covid quarantining. She loves it!

  48. Arjun Singh

    Not only is it less expensive, it allows you to add captions for the pictures at the bottom of the screen. And you don’t have to be connected to Wi-fi to display the pictures that have already been loaded.

  49. Jenay Eksteen

    The picture quality is fantastic and control of the unit via the touchscreen is very simple. The ability of the sender to add captions to the photos is a tremendous benefit to her.

  50. Sunil Sunil

    We’ve actually purchased two of these frames for both sets of aging parents. We provide the code to other family members who are scattered throughout the states so they can upload pictures or short videos to the frame.

  51. Nichole Greenberg

    Very nice photo frame – looks like it will hold 300 or more photos from Iphone with good photo adjusting features built in.

  52. Raj Lama

    We bought the 10 inch 2k brown frame. Super easy to set up. This would be an excellent gift for the grandparents. Pictures are added from an app. As long as a friend/relative has the app and the code from the frame, they can easily send pictures and 15 second videos (with captions).

  53. Mc Queen

    This screen works well to amplify a phone image to larger size – does it clearly, with almost no distortion from the lens. However, as shown in the ads; it’s more like a 2/3 image. Also would like it to enable viewing on a steeper angle, but overall, good enough that we bought four more for Christmas gifts.

  54. Cheryl White

    The instructions it came with were NOT for the Dream Plus digital picture frame. For example, it said to push in the button on the back to turn the frame on. On the Dream Plus there is no button. I did not know how to turn it on at first and then once I figured that out – I didn’t know how to turn it off. I had to contact Aeezo by email and they would respond in 24 hours.

  55. Lisa Bennett

    I am SO super glad I ordered this one! I purchased this frame and really glad I did. It looks classier than just black or white. The touch screen is perfectly responsive and the pictures beautiful. I take all of my pictures with the cell phone and the 4:3 aspect ratio is perfect!

  56. Anil Rathod

    Purchased this frame as a birthday gift for my mother who isn’t great with her cell phone for communicating, pictures, etc. With this frame, my sister and I can maintain uploading new photos and my parents can enjoy staying up to date with their kids and grandkids.

  57. Anne Holden

    I bought this as a father’s day gift for my husband, on his 1st father’s day so he can keep at work and i can send pictures of our son to.

  58. Karan Kashyap

    Works great with one important note: Their iPhone app does not work well if you have an iCloud library with tons of content.

  59. Wright Casey

    I bought this for my mom for mother’s day as all her kids live in different states now, and this was a perfect way to keep her up to date with all the latest grandbaby pictures!

  60. Karen Davies

    I bought this for our wedding next year to display all the cute moments as our guests come in to the venue. Fairly easy to set up, even for the not-so-tech-savvy, like me!

  61. Ankit Singh

    I want to mention that I had ordered the black frame but received the white frame, and customer service was VERY responsive to my concerns and requests. I was really pleased with that interaction and wouldn’t hesitate to order from them again.

  62. Jagruti Patel

    It is SO easy to put pictures on this device! And the storage capacity is phenomenal. I could not be happier with this product. The screen quality is very crisp and clear and it is so simple to operate that my 80 year old, one handed grandmother can do it with ease

  63. Hiona Tsavdari

    I purchased this for Father’s Day for my dad and he loves it. I just had a baby and he lives a state away and he enjoys receiving new photos all day of his granddaughter. Perfect gift and super easy to set up and use the app.

  64. Thiha Ye

    Este marco de fotos digital AEEZO me sorprendió por su gran capacidad de almacenamiento (es sólo interno) y por su muy buena calidad de imagen (las fotos tomadas con iPhone12 Pro se lucen de maravilla).
    Además su pantalla táctil lo hace sencillo de operar, tanto para ver las fotos como para administrarlas y configurar el sistema. Esta pantalla no necesita limpieza … no se opaca ni ensucia con el manipuleo dactilar.

  65. Russell Upton

    This frame is great! It is so simple and easy to use. Everyone in my family just needed to download the Frameo app and send pictures. The app works great and it is easy to send pictures. I love how you can send a message with the photo. And I love that it makes a ding noise to let you know there is a new photo to look at. The touch screen is also very simple and easy to use. This is a great frame for young and old!

  66. Xavier Liu

    Have bought plenty of digital frames over the years. They never really seem to improve. So there’s no sense paying a lot. I got a good price on this and it’s super easy to set up and use, wish it didn’t require an app because this is a gift and I just wanted to put some photos on it before I gave it to recipient. But no biggie. Seems sturdy enough upon unpacking and setting up. Features all work as advertised.

  67. Barb South Smith

    Awesome digital photo frame! Great photo quality, screen size is perfect for seeing pics from across a large room and the touch screen is easy to use. You can set the timer to turn the screen on and off, totally hands free, once you set it up. Just sit back and enjoy. I received one from my daughter and love it. Just bought one for my mother-in-law for Mother’s day.

  68. Fernando Magbanua

    Excellent Birthday Gift! I was a little hesitant at first spending a decent amount of money on a digital frame as the only kind I’ve used prior to this one were the one’s that store all photos on an external USB drive. However, after giving my mother this for her birthday and setting it up this morning, I can say it was worth every penny.

  69. John Barbas Jr.

    Picture quality is amazing, easy to use once pictures are loaded. Love the touch screen options for setup and ability to update picture layout.

  70. Judita Tkavc Špan

    Well built, intuitive. Limited options for photo viewing. I bought this as a present for my dad.

  71. Remia Geraga

    Got this for the grandparents for Christmas, great gift, easy for them to look at and use (wouldn’t recommend giving it to someone who doesn’t know how to use a touch screen) The app isn’t great, can only upload 10 pictures at a time and its a little slow. Overall, glad we got it for them!

  72. Pradip Kumar

    This is a very cool digital frame. It works right out of the box. Easy set up. I’ve bought it as a gift for my 91 year old Mother and I think it will be a big hit.

  73. Edwig Dhaeseleer

    Happy to have the frame. Simple app and simple to add a friend. I often have minor difficulty with touch screens. This was terrible. I could not get the screen to recognize my touch! My husband had to help. You have to be very very sure the stand is plugged in well or it reboots itself often in setup. Once that was figured out it was fast to set up and receive pictures.

  74. Chandra Shekar

    We bought this for my mother in law for mothers day. To say she LOVES it is an under statement. Its literally the best gift ever and I got daughter in law points for it. I gave all our kids the app info beforehand and had them all have it set up and on Mother’s Day they all sent her pics and videos throughout the day.

  75. Nikita Searancke

    I purchased the frame for my parents as a Christmas gift. Downloading the apps on our phone and downloading pictures to the app which easily uploaded to the frame. The entire process was seamless. The granddaughter even has the app on her phone to upload pictures as well. The only minor downfall is the number of steps on the app but meaningful steps in order to upload pictures. The touchscreen on the frame is easy to use. Great gift!

  76. Pim Chanok

    I love this digital picture frame! It was easy to setup and use! I gifted it to my mom for a Mother’s Day present after I had my baby….that way I can upload new pictures of her grand baby whenever I want. I also like that multiple people can be connected to the frame to upload pictures. I am buying another one for my MIL!

  77. Heather Moore

    It’s very simple to set up and the user can send code to anyone to upload pictures. Frameo app is easy to use. I wish it was connected more to google photos or other cloud services instead you can only upload what’s stored in your phone.

  78. Rakesh Thakor

    In order for others to send pictures to the frame, the owner has to request a code, share it with friends/family, then friends/family have to link with the frame using the code within a certain amount of time (somewhere around 2-4 days.) Since I set it up, it ended up being easier, but if we had planned to have mom set it up, it would have been more difficult. This is less than ideal for not-so tech-savvy individuals. Otherwise, the frame is pretty wonderful.

  79. Alfredo Garcia

    Grandparents LOVE!! Each family member has the app and keeps the grandparents up to date on travel and accomplishments with a click of a button on their phone! It is so neat! Since our generation doesn’t print physical pictures anymore this helps keep everyone feeling connected and up to date. I highly recommend getting this for your extended family. Such a fun idea!

  80. Pintu Yadav

    The app is great!!! Easy to upload and I can send pics when I’m 30 minutes away in the city. You add people to the friends list on the frame by “adding friends” which gives them a code to enter into the app. This alone is a reason I’m buying some for the grandparents. We can send pics straight to their frame from hours away!! No more tiny text pics

  81. James Lee

    Great customer service.
    My picture frame had suddenly stopped working so I contacted the customer to see what could be done. The product has a 1-year manufacturer warranty and AEEZO honored that warranty. I received great help from the customer service folks! They sent me a postage-paid label and all I had to do was ship the frame to their warehouse. The replacement frame arrived in about a week. The customer service folks kept me updated on the status of my replacement frame as well. Very satisfied with AEEZO customer service! I like the frame, it works very well.

  82. Rashmi Panwar Chauhan

    Easier to use than expected.
    I ordered as a gift and had it sent to my house so I could set it up and help troubleshoot once the item was received as a gift. The set-up was really easy. The touch screen makes it easy to navigate when needed. The app is really simple to use and easy to share with others. You can even give your “friends” access to share the link – which I did for this gift so that I could pass the link along to others and the recipient wouldn’t need to be concerned with it to start getting images. I sent a few images and put the SD card in the back. It automatically detected the SD card and set it to backup the images. I would strongly recommend this item.

  83. Antonio Delgado

    I bought two of these Aeezo 9″ digital frames and I love them. It is easy to set up the frame, to import and export photos; excellent clarity and sharpness of the photos. I really like the blurred effect of photos that do not fill up the frame instead of a solid black frame around it. The automatic digital time shutting the frame off at night and lighting it up in the morning saves me time turning them on and off manually. Great option in my opinion. The size is perfect as I have both frames in the entry hall on a long table and it looks terrific.

  84. Saran Saran

    Very nice digital frame. I have been looking for a replacement frame for my Kodak Pulse that died. This seems to fit the bill. I am very satisfied with the ease of set up and how easy it is to add friends and pictures. So far the only issue is that I haven’t found a way to reorganize the pictures after they have been added. I do like that I can add a caption to the photos and on the display it shows who sent the photo to the frame. I have only used it for a couple days so haven’t used many of the extra features. I am happy with my purchase and anticipate many years of enjoyment.

  85. Tina Davis

    Great Picture Quality!
    The picture quality for this 2K frame is noticeably better than regular digital frames. It’s worth the extra few bucks. Also, since I wasn’t really finding this answer before I purchased… the picture size is about 9 1/2 inches across diagonally. I didn’t have any issues setting it up or downloading the app. In just a few days I already have 300+ pictures loaded to it!

  86. Rishi Rajput

    I purchased this frame as a gift for my partner after he said he would like one for his desk at work. I chose it because it has storage options, plays videos, has sound and is affordable.
    Luckily, I found this lil jewel. The frame, in my opinion, is a simple design that is sturdy, though I cannot speak to the wall mount as that feature is not being utilized. I like that it doesn’t have wood trim as some do; not having that was a factor in my decision.
    Compared to other frames that were higher priced, it had more options. The storage capacity was decent with the option to expand storage space. The app is free and easy to use.
    We were able to get it functioning without reading the directions until weeks later, however it is a good idea to read it so you can fully enjoy all the features. The touchscreen works very well. The picture quality is great and if you upload a pic of poor quality it will show. There are options to modify the pics to fit the frame, hide photos that you don’t appreciate but got uploaded, and edit the photo filter.
    The device allowed my partner to add me to its network so I can share photos from my phone as life goes along. That is a nice feature.
    We have only owned one other digital frame that broke years ago, so I do not have much to compare it to. No matter, I am happy and impressed with my purchase.

  87. Bhola Ram

    I bought 3 of these for gifts. I’m still waiting for the third to arrive. The first two were easy to set up. I was able to upload photos easily and share the code for others to upload their photos. Easy to upload and delete photos. Only downside so far was one of the power cords had a short in it and would lose power with any movement.

  88. Sam Adams

    Great gift for grandma!
    My MIL does not have wifi, but I set this up for her at my home. My adult children were also able to upload pictures for their grandmother to see. It is a perfect gift with plenty of storage. With Covid, and distance playing a huge role in our time spent with each other, this was a nice option. Not only did it bring her to tears, but she took it home and was able to plug it in and view with no problems. With literally hundreds of pictures, she has many hours of viewing pleasure and feels more connected to the family. Definitely worth the investment, now my parents want one as well as my husband and my grown kids. I guess we will be getting a few of these as gifts to go around 🙂

  89. Janine De Lange

    Received this as a Mother’s Day gift and am enjoying it immensely. There was a bit of a learning curve involved with getting all my friends and family connected, but eventually, all did it.
    The manual leaves a lot to be desired. Ex: It sometimes took a few tries the get a photo positioned the way I wanted it. Couldn’t figure out how to delete the rejects. All the manual says is, “Select photos that you want to permanently delete from your frame by tapping the photo.” It leaves out that you must then DOUBLE tap the little trash can icon. I kept single tapping with no success till Day 3, when I thought to try that.
    The FRAMEO app works well and makes transferring photos a breeze. I went to Google Photos in the cloud, where all my photos are stored and transferred them to the frame from there. Unless I overlooked something, it is only possible to send one photo at a time, which made the task time consuming. It would be better if we could upload them in batches.
    However, the annoyances are all minor and once ironed out, the frame is enjoyable, works well and makes a lovely gift.

  90. Patricia Fernandes

    Easy To Set Up and Load Photos.
    I have a digital frame in my home but I rarely update it because it requires uploading photos to a disk then to the frame. I bought the AEEZO frame to bring to my work office and the appeal of it was the ability to upload photos and short videos by WiFi through an app on my phone. I’m really pleased with my purchase. It was very easy to set up and I have already loaded up many photos and a couple of videos…all done quickly and easily. I used both WiFi and also the disc from my other frame. The picture quality is great. I love the touch screen too-makes it easy to adjust the photo position once upload. I can’t wait to get the frame set up on my desk and I’m thinking I may purchase a couple more for gifts.

  91. Rajveer Kaur

    I received the frame yesterday and had to download Frameo on my phone. I did give it access to all of my pictures to make it easier. I hope I don’t regret that. Anyway, it allowed me to choose 10 pictures at a time to send to my device. It was super user-friendly… Now I can’t stop watching the slideshow of about 200 pictures. I plan to add more and I hope there is no issues later. But so far… It’s exactly what I wanted. Can’t wait to display for the holidays of family and friends. Love it!

  92. Ruth Nelson

    This digital frame is awesome! I bought it as a Mother’s Day gift for my mom, and it arrived within a few days of ordering it. It only took about 3 minutes to set up (just set the stand and plug it in). My whole family downloaded the Frameo App, used the code provided by the frame, and started sending photos. Now my mom has an album that all of us can contribute to. I can even send photos to her remotely! I wasn’t expecting that. The photos come in quickly and look great. I purchased the black frame, and it looks modern and slick.
    I remember spending hours looking through family photo albums when I was a kid. We take so many photos, but we hardly ever print them anymore. Now we have a way to display them for everyone to enjoy. I will definitely purchase one for my own home too.

  93. Saru Kc Thapa

    I love this digital picture frame so much I’ve bought 3! Our whole family loves looking at the photos. There is tons of space for photos too! I upload them from my phone using the Frameo app. I wish I could upload more than 10 at a time but I make it work. It’s easy to have others share to the frame as well. The picture quality is pretty good. I guess if it were a bigger frame I’d be able to see better but at this price point ($90) it works for me. I have been able to upload one or two 15 second videos but after that it won’t let me. I contacted Frameo but they weren’t much help. So I just upload photos instead of videos.

  94. Sandeep

    Awesome Gift with a Great Interface/App
    I’ve been very impressed with these frames. We like them so much, we’ve bought a few as gifts and the recipients love them, too. They make a fantastic gift, especially for parents/grandparents who are always asking for updates on their grandbabies. It makes my life easier, because I no longer have to get physical prints made for my mom and grandmother every time they want a photo.

    The app is super easy to use and the frames can be linked to several phones so multiple people can send pictures to a frame. You can even send little captions along with the photos, which is cute.

    The frame itself has a nice, clean design and the picture quality is very good. You can customize the picture settings so it shows the whole picture or crops it into portrait/landscape depending on the frame’s orientation.

  95. Daris Silverence

    Good product and excellent customer service.
    The frame works well and it’s easy to navigate the settings menu. No issues setting up the Aimor app to send pictures to it. I did have an issue with it a few weeks after purchasing it though. A gnat or some very small insect worked its way between the actual screen a the plastic overlay the is over the LCD. It was probably there from manufacturing. I contacted customer service recently (months after the issue) via FB messenger. Responsiveness and communication was excellent. We quickly went over some very simple troubleshooting and I sent them a picture. They promptly sent me a return label and asked me to let them know when it was shipped out. As soon as tracking showed I had dropped it off I let them know and they said a replacement would be here in 5 to 10 days. To my surprise, it arrived in 3 days. I set up the new frame and was able to reimport all the pictures as I had easily backed them up to a flash drive on the original frame.

  96. Lou Miller

    I have always been obsessed with photos, so I am not sure why I waited until now to purchase a digital photo frame. I looked at several options but chose this one due to screen resolution, ease of use, price point using coupon and that the green frame coordinates with my decor. It took several hours for the initial load of photos and videos- I did a deep dive through my phone gallery, my husband’s phone gallery, my Facebook albums, etc. So far, I have about 1600 photos and several videos loaded with plenty of storage space leftover. It’s time consuming to load that many at once and then to go through each photo to adjust the display setting- fit to frame or fill screen. Some photos look better one way or the other. I have this on my mantle and find myself watching the display rather than our TV. I love seeing so many older photos and enjoying the associated memories. It’s very easy to upload using the app. So far, I am very happy with this frame.

  97. Sultan Rajab Noor

    I purchased two frames, one for my MIL and one for my mom. Neither of them have room for many framed photos, but we wanted to share new (and old) photos with each. Frame set up is super easy and touch screen is a fantastic feature (some of the other photoshare frames I looked at don’t have this). The Frameo app is simple to use once you get the hang of it. Before giving as a gift, I pre-loaded each frame with pictures so they immediately had pictures to look at – so I got to practice and see how the app works. One thing to note about the app – when you download it it asks for your name and needs permission to access your photos. I don’t have an issue with that, but we had one person in the family who doesn’t want an app to have access to photos (files) on their phone. So yeah, they won’t be adding pictures to the frame themselves! And, since I’m a friend to each frame we gave as gifts, I can easily send a picture to both picture frames!

    Only “complaints”:
    * I wish it ran on batteries or had a battery option in addition to AC. Only AC power for this frame.
    * The only way to get pictures on the frame besides the Frameo app, is to use a SD Card. There is a USB port, but that doesn’t seem to be a means to transfer photos, so I’m not sure why there is a USB port on the frame.
    * When you transfer photos via a SD card, there doesn’t seem to be a way to a ADD a caption to the picture.
    * It’d be nice to be able edit captions once the pictures are already on the screen (for those pics added via the frameo app, see above note…can’t seem to add captions to pictures added via a SD card)
    * Each picture automatically has the date the picture was added to the frame, in addition to any caption (if there is a caption). I added some older photos to the frames, with a caption and the date of the photo. It’s a little confusing to see “May 29, 2021. Duke, June 2014”. Personally, I would like to hide the date the photo is added to the frame.

    That being said, I would absolutely buy this again and plan to get one for our own home. We have sooooooooo many pictures and we don’t have room to put them anywhere on a flat surface nor hang them. 4 out of 5 stars based on my “complaints”.

  98. Casey Mm.

    I purchased two of the frames for gifts for family members. Especially now when families aren’t getting together as much as they used to (due to the pandemic), I thought this would be a great way to share pictures with family. I had a digital frame I got years ago that was not wifi compatible. This is SO much better! Set up was incredibly easy. I like to follow the instructions when I purchase a new electronic device and I didn’t even have to read them. The device walks you right through it when you turn it on and all the settings are pretty self-explanatory. The app is very easy and works great! My husband and kids love these frames as much as I do and we find ourselves always staring at them. So much so, that I had to buy more of them because we didn’t want to give these away. I did contact customer service over a pricing issue and they resolved it quickly and to my satisfaction. Really couldn’t be happier with this company.

  99. Marcos Cantu

    This display is a great addition to my wife’s desk. I’ve been on the fence for a long time about paying many times more than a paper print for a digital frame, but after careful consideration, I finally took the plunge on this frame.
    The 2k resolution is perfect for the frame size, and the slightly matte finish of the screen keeps excessive glare from distracting from the displayed photos’ sharpness (obviously depends on the source photos’ resolution as well). One thing I like most is the white frame isn’t a big ugly black bezel like most digital frames’ are.
    The Frameo app is very easy to use; I had photos loaded and showing on the frame a mere minute after I downloaded it.
    I will say the touch screen’s sensitivity isn’t as good as a dedicated tablet or smartphone, but it’s good enough to navigate menus as needed. Not a major deal breaker as this device’s job is to display photos, not navigate the many demands of other smart devices.
    We haven’t loaded enough photos to exceed the internal 10 GB memory (advertised as 16, but only 10 are usable for user photos), but I have an SD card ready to test for more photos.

    I have it set up to display for 12 hrs a day, sleep at night, so hopefully we’ll get to enjoy it for years! Glad this was the frame I decided to try!

  100. Tamara Kalicanin

    The good: it is an incredibly sharp picture when you can get the photos on the frame. There are plenty of options for displaying photos.

    The bad: getting photos on the frame is a pain. You need an SD card that is less than 32GB. The frame would read the card sometimes, but not others. In the alternative, you could use the frameo app; however, the frameo app is not designed to work on an ipad. It will work on the ipad, but it must be used in portrait mode. The app does not play nice with Lightroom. When transferring photos (which must be one one at a time) from Lightroom to frameo, Lightroom would lock up and have to be completely restarted before transferring the next photo. Perhaps the frame works better with a PC, or if all you want to do is transfer photos from your phone rather than edited photos, but when working with photo editing on an ipad, this just did not fit the bill.

    One other HUGE criticism, at least from my perspective, if you have an SD card slot, the frame should be able to read and display photos from the card. That way, I can put my photos on one card, and if another family member wanted to put their photos on a separate card, they could simply swap out cards. This frame uses internal memory ONLY. In fact, you cannot even set the frame down with the SD card in its slot. The instructions and even the firmware on the frame say to insert micro SD cards, but the slot is for an actual SD card. Additionally, there is no USB or other means of transferring data to the frame.

    For me, the sharpness of the frame does not overcome the difficulty of transferring photos to it and the other shortcomings. Which is too bad really, the frame is a good looking display.

    UPDATE: After working with the frame a bit more and comparing it to other similar class frames, the quality of the display does overcome the difficulty of transferring photos. The frame requires you to use the internal memory. It took a while to figure out the best way to transfer photos, but once I got that figured out, I was able to display high quality photos. It would be good to be able to display photos directly off an SD card or USB drive, but the quality of the display more than makes up for the shortcomings. The frame says that it has 16GB of internal memory. After the operating system, the amount of memory comes to just over 10GB. While I am not happy with the amount of memory taken up by the firmware, 10GB is enough space for well over 1,000 photos, more than I will ever put on the frame.

  101. Des Dess

    I bought this frame for my parents and for my in laws to cheer them up during this COVID pandemic and they haven’t been able to see their grandchildren in person very much. They all love the frame and can’t stop taking about how wonderful it is to see family pictures (new and old) appear in their living rooms.
    I did the initial set up for them, but the set up is very quick with easy to follow instructions so I know they could have done it themselves easily. The app is also easy to use and I love that you can also share pictures straight from Google photos.
    The picture quality is excellent and I like that if you choose to display a landscape picture while the frame is sitting in portrait mode that it gives you blurred colors on the top and the bottom instead of black bars. It can support short videos with audio, but I turned off the sound so that they don’t freak out when they start hearing voices coming from their living rooms.

  102. Carmelita Glackin

    Works well, app was easy enough to set up and no issues so far. Plastic seems kind of chintzy but it’s good enough. Multiple devices able to send pictures to the frame. Interface is straight forward. My only gripe is that the frame comes with a fixed storage of 10gb. Plenty to store a few thousand pictures, but it would be great if the SD card slot (which is built into the frame) would allow you to display content from it. It seems that the only function of the SD card slot is to upload or download content onto/off of the frame. You can’t plug in a card and then display content from the card. If you want to upload a bunch of videos to the frame, you should probably find one with more storage. Works great for just pictures though. So far I have a few hundred on there and there’s more than 95% storage space left to add more

  103. Sadagopan

    This was a gift for my grandparents. They live across country so they don’t get to see us and their great grandkids often. I like that I can send them pictures directly to this from my phone. The app is easy to use. The frame itself is also pretty straight forward to use. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there is a deadspot in the corner of the screen. When operating the frame’s menu or trying to dismiss a notification in the corner of the frame’s screen, the touch screen won’t register touch, so you have to flip the screen so the display rotates and you can operate it. It is probably a defect of the particular frame we got, probably not all of their product has this defect. And since it has a work around, we didn’t bother returning/exchanging.

  104. Andrew Hoare

    I have new great grandchildren, and have a hard time chasing down their parents’ social networks to get current photos. So this was a present to myself! Set up- easy! Simple instructions, simple touch screen. The App [FRAMEO] was easy too- you send an invite to someone you wish to send you photos! The get the FRAMEO app, and get a special code (you send it to them, it’s on your screen when you invite them) It’s good until midnight of the current day. If they wait, you just press invite again, new code, send it- they plug it in their phone, and you are now forever connected for photographs (no more codes!) They are so clear! They photos appear in seconds!!! (instant gratification!) I have not yet discovered a downside. You can put your frame horizontal or vertical. When sending photos, the sender has the chance to put the “best part” of the photo in a frame, so when your frame is vertical (when the photo was taken horizontally) you can see the best part! I love it! If monies are available, this is the perfect present for every parent, grand parent, great grandparent !!!

  105. Eric Rudy

    If only the best will do…I recommend that you get the 10″ 2K model. My photos look great, as I expected they would. But what really amazes me about this device is all of the features that add to my enjoyment. I really like the ability to move each photo around to be sure the most important part will be displayed. The slideshow has good controls, including a timer to put the device to sleep when no one’s likely to be around.

    I had occasion to use the company’s customer support, and unlike so many of the bad reports we read in reviews, the representative responded within 24 hours and provided complete satisfaction in resolving my issue.

  106. Bhallaiana

    I would like to be able to remove pictures via my phone.
    My mom isn’t super tech savvy so I really wish I could help her out by weeding through the pictures every now and then through my phone. Since we live across the country I can’t do that for her so her gallery gets a bit cluttered.
    I also wish I could crop photos in the app. Would also be nice to be able to zoom in on the frame.
    Overall great product though. Image is clear, app is easy to work, the sleep mode is nice.
    She loves getting pictures from all 6 of her kids living all over the country!

  107. Isabel Magnolia

    Best Father’s Day gift ever!!!!!!

    It is easy just to click and ship fast gifts for friends and family but, I try to personalize gifts and the Aeezo is the most outstanding gift. I received it in the 2-day shipping option and activated it. I started uploading pictures for my dad. I realized that I could send an invitation to my friends and family to upload their pictures by WiFi. Two super cool things about this digital photo frame is that when the person sets up their account to add picture to the Frameo, they have the option of identifying themselves in settings with their own picture on their cellphone. The beauty of this is this when the photo magically appears on my dad’s WiFi enabled Frameo, the sender’s little picture is on the bottle left corner, along with the description of the photo. Finally, the feature I love most is that my family and friends from out of state are connecting to this device and sending even more pictures!!!! My dad will be delighted to see new pictures and know his family is thinking about him.

  108. Puza Tuladhar

    Happy with the frame and price!
    The set up was very easy. I pre-loaded some pictures for my dad. Sharing the code with family members and uploading the app were also easy. When sending photos, the free app gives you a center circle, which is confusing, because you think that’s all the viewer will see on the other end. It’s just a guide to show you where the center of the photo will be. So if you have tall and short people in a photo, center somewhere between them. The viewer can easily adjust how the photo fits the frame by touching the screen and moving the picture around. The sender can also add a comment with the photo (grandchild’s name or event), which will display (by default, unless you set it up not to display) each time the picture rotates through the slideshow. I recommend this frame.

  109. Beverly Owen

    After one month of using it I bought another.
    1. The frame quality is pretty good. It doesn’t look flimsy or crappy.
    2. The frame doesn’t rely on their cloud and App or WiFi. I’m able to import/export photos using SD card, and it displays photos without WiFi. This is what I love. So the frame still functions even if the company stopped their services (the cloud or the app). (Note – some brands heavily rely on their cloud and WiFi)
    3. I can manually adjust brightness of the screen (Note – some brands are unable to do this at all, but some brands provide light sensors to auto adjust the screen brightness instead). I prefer manually adjust.
    4. I can schedule on/off time of the frame.
    5. I can play photos and videos (15 secs) altogether. (Note – for some brands, I have to choose either to play photos or videos)
    6. Crisp videos and photos
    7. The frame has auto rotation
    8. Good touch screen

    1. It only works for 2.4Ghz WiFi. Now most of device supports 5Ghz WiFi.
    2. When it plays video, it shows a small video control panel (pause and sound buttons) on the bottom left of the video. I find it annoying.

  110. Myo Aung

    I love the quality of the image and the WiFi convenience! Have to say, though, that it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to not be able to log into a website or download a PC/Mac app.

    Another potential issue…I bought this specifically for the photos I have of my cat that I just put down. When I woke up the following morning and the photo frame was mysteriously turned on, I started to think perhaps my dear fuzzball was haunting the frame…I’m not sure what I’m disappointed more in, the fact that it wasn’t him or the fact that it seems to randomly restart on its own. (Admittedly, I haven’t been in the right mindset to sit and read all of the manual, so maybe this is a setting I could adjust, but it’s still strange…just not haunted).

  111. Sara Tabak

    I really like the beauty of this picture frame it’s simple and black so it can look good in any style room. The frame is mountable or it can stand on any flat surface.
    It has unlimited photo cloud storage on top of the 16 gbs of photos that it can hold internally . It has its own app that’s easy to maneuver and download so that you can get pictures from friends and add to the rotation , and it connects automatically to your phone through the app and through Wi-Fi. With the app you can control what photos get displayed ,if it plays as a movie like continuously with sound or without sound . there’s just so many options.
    You can adjust the brightness you can adjust the time it plays , it even has a sleep mode.
    it’s very easy to set up you just download your Wi-Fi info to it and it’s set to go.
    It has a touchscreen That is HD and shows beautiful images on the screen.
    it fully fills the frame and has auto rotation so your pictures always look their best and you’re not always looking at the same ones over and over it will auto rotate them.
    I really enjoy this picture frame!

  112. Elizabeth Shaw

    It took a few tries to get my phone added to the app, but it was no big deal… technology always has it quarks. So, you shouldn’t get discouraged, if this happens to you. The whole process was SUPER EASY! The app is great, the picture quality is fantastic, and the frame is very attractive.

    Over the years I swore I was going to organize our family photos, then make an album or something… yeah right that never happened. It saddened me that so many photos were not being enjoyed… that’s not the case anymore. With this frame I can, almost effortlessly, compile lots and lots of pictures in one place. We can’t stop staring at it, lol.

    Some basic info about the frame:

    Pictures are stored in the frame’s own memory for privacy, you can upload up to 10 pictures at a time, there is a timer so the frame shuts off at night, comments can be added to the bottom of each picture, the amount of time a picture is displayed can be adjusted, and it’s touch screen.

    Anywho, we are going to buy more, my mother wants one for Christmas and so does a family friend.

  113. Vanya Topalova

    I bought this frame as a gift for my dad and set it up with some pictures before giving it to him just to make sure it would be easy for him to use himself. I was delighted to find that the frame itself is very user intuitive! The quality of the displayed pictures is also fantastic. Other things I love about it:
    – Multiple users can send pictures via the accompanying app.
    – Plenty of storage space for LOTS of pictures and videos. (My parents are the proud grandparents of 5 grandchildren, so in their minds, there is no such thing as “too many pictures”.)
    – There is a display setting that allows you to shuffle the pictures (my personal preference) or display them in chronological order.
    – It’s super easy to add friends (up to 60, I think!!) to send pictures via the Frameo app. Note: They’ll need to download the app on their own device(s).
    -…Or you can add pictures via USB. (I haven’t tried that yet.)
    – You can send up to 10 pictures at a time using the app then add a caption for all 10, captions for individual pics, or no captions at all.
    – You “name” the frame and its location. And then in the app, you can link to multiple frames… which is FANTASTIC because I loved this so much that I got my mother-in-law one for Mother’s Day. By the way, you can rename the frame or location in the settings any time.
    – The price is far better than a lot of other digital frames that don’t have all of these features/capabilities.
    – You can adjust the pictures on the frame to get them better centered.
    – The display is an easy to use touch screen.

    There are just a few things I don’t love but can absolutely love with:
    – The frame has to be plugged in. It would be awesome if it could run on batteries, too.
    – There have been a couple times that the frame wouldn’t display my wifi source so that I could connect it. There were other secure wifi networks showing (my neighbors’), but not mine. And there isn’t a scan button to re-search for wifi networks. I ended up having to turn off the frame, reset my wireless router, then turn the frame back on. But then I was back in business.
    – I wish the app would show me what the picture will look like once the frame “receives” it. You can “center” it by identifying the most important part of the picture, but it would be great to see how that actually transfers onto the frame.
    – I also wish I could remove pictures via the app. (If I accidentally send a duplicate or a picture that I realize later isn’t great quality, the only way to remove it is via the “manage my pictures” function on the actual frame.)

    Bottom line: It’s a great product for the price. I’ll be buying another one soon for my house. 🙂

  114. Yash Patel

    Let me be honest. I never ever used or had one of these wifi photo frames in my life.
    this was my very first purchase, not knowing how it would work and how easy or difficult to set up. Actually I was bit concerned about setting up the whole thing, connecting to my phone, wifi…etc

    I have a mom who is in nursing home. She is 84 but recently she was diagnosed with liver cancer that she can no longer live alone. Anyway, I wanted to give her all of her family photos, her son, grand children and her best friends. So, this wifi photo frame was the best choice.

    The unit comes with clear instructions which at first glance seemed bit “lost” but it was so easy to follow on-screen guidance, and web site info guided me through the process step-by-step. It took a few minutes, but I was quickly able to upload about 200 photos from my phone for viewing on the device. 9.7″ screen was perfect and it has 16 GB built in storage where I can store thousands of photos. Not only I can get photos from my own phone, but also I can invite any other friends’ to upload their photos into the same frame which was absolutely convenient and perfect for what I was trying to do for my mom.
    And the screen is touch screen and you can navigate and reset, change, modify…etc whatever you want to do with the touch screen. It is incredible how technology has evolved along with this wifi photo frame.

    I would like to set this up for my mom, but this could be a wonderful gift for every family members when Christmas or birthdays come around. It is a fantastic device to be able to see daily those they love as well as remind themselves of the many choice experiences they have enjoyed in life.

    I would highly recommend this as a gift to yourself as well as those you love.

  115. Mohammed Rashed

    The last week or so I keep getting a notice on the frame: frameo has stopped working, wait or continue. So I don’t know what to try. Overall it’s a decent frame but it is VERY buggy. The biggest complaint for me is when you add pictures, it assigns the date to add said picture to the frame NOT the actual date of the picture. Consequently if you add pictures from say 10 years ago after you had already added some pictures from 10 yrs ago, and you have the frame set to show by date, your pictures will be out of chronological order. My way cheaper frame I replaced with this managed to put them in chronological order.

  116. Amit Sharma

    I chose the 2K frame, 10″ in white. It is not truly white – the matting is white but the frame is a really nice faux blonde wood.
    The 2K sharpness (2048×1536) is really wonderful. Why take your great quality photo and then put it on a subpar screen that makes it not as crisp? This display has vivid colors and a wonderful viewing angle vertically and horizontally, which I appreciate. It’s a bright, high resolution screen you will love!
    We will be most likely mounting it to our wall later, once we have some painting done for us.

    The ease of transferring photos is honestly the best thing ever. I have a NIX (brand name) photo frame and since I have to take the photo frame off the wall and remove the storage card, put it in my PC, and transfer photos, I am 1 year behind in updating the photos! With this wonderful device by Frameo I can transfer photos from my Huawei cell phone in seconds. I love changing the photos as the seasons progress so this will be a wonderfully easy task now. Please see my video to see how effortless it was to transfer!

    Photo frame ideas: Most of the year I use my photo frame for seasonal photos but for big events like a party, wedding, or graduation, I think it’s a great personalized touch to put photos in your photo frame. Also, on a sadder note, we used our photo frame during another type of event – it makes a touching tribute during a memorial service or funeral. It was very special.

    I’m sure I’ll never get close to the 16GB memory capacity for photo storage. I actually didn’t notice until I received the unit that it was a touch screen – well, that’s a nice feature!

    Setup: It was simple: you add a friend – I added myself – I entered the 12 digit code that I saw on the frame into the app to connect the devices. After that initial setup, photo transfer was very simple.

    If you want to import photos from a microSD card, you insert the card and go to settings – click import photos and download them to the frame.

    The 1 year warranty, lifetime support, and included microfiber cloth are just fantastic perks on an already great deal!

    Definitely a wonderful purchase! Compared to the brand name NIX photo frame we have, I prefer this model with all it’s easy to use features and high-res screen!

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