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Are WiFi digital photo frames the perfect gift for parents?

Finding the perfect technology gift for parents and seniors can be very difficult, but with the invention of WiFi digital photo frames being born, this has become easier. Smart digital photo frames like Aeezo are straightforward, easy to use, and offer a powerful and wide range of functional attributes. The remote transfer function support allows parents to receive photos and videos (no longer than 15s) from anywhere in the world at home. The large built-in storage space coupled with SD card support makes this virtually unlimited storage space, and in addition, Aeezo does not use server-based cloud storage like most photo frames on the market, adhering to the principle of protecting user privacy to the greatest extent possible.

The uniqueness of Aeezo digital photo frame is that it can meet both parents’ requirements and family’s needs through simple and powerful function settings, remote control, and mobile app transmission. For parents who are not familiar with electronic products, the remote control function is especially important. When they encounter some problems with the frame that cannot be solved, you can manage to control the frame through the mobile app; when you have any new photos you want to share, your parents who are thousands of miles away can see them in the frame after a few minutes.

How to set up and prepare the digital photo frame as a gift?

Follow the steps in the manual to power up the frame, and when the animation is finished, first select a language, which will be used as the system language and all menus. The first time you turn on the frame, the on-screen instructions will guide you through the process, which will only take a minute or two.

After completing these steps, download the Frameo or AiMOR app (depending on the frame model) on your mobile device, both of which are free to download and use on iOS and Android. Once the download is complete, follow the steps within the app to quickly register your account.

In order to transfer photos to the frame, you will also need to connect the frame to the AiMOR (or Frameo) app. Tap the Add Friends icon in the center of the frame screen and you will see a code on the screen. Similarly, you also need to click the add friend icon in the AiMOR app, and then enter the code into the blank bar in the app. You will see a successful addition prompt, which means that the photo frame is successfully connected to the app, and you can transfer files to the photo frame at any time.

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