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Get 10% Off Today:AEEZO10

We take pictures every day to preserve every beautiful moment, be it through a mobile phone or a camera. And a digital photo frame is definitely a convenient and cool way you should consider to display those wonderful memories you’ve recorded.

Digital photo frames are increasingly popular because they display digital photos on a high-definition display in a circular fashion instead of on paper, and they have all the features of traditional photo frames while solving the drawbacks of traditional photo frames. Especially due to the epidemic, what better way for seniors and parents to keep up with all the family members’ lives than with a digital photo frame?

What Is the Best Digital Photo Frame for Seniors and Non-Tech Savvy?

There are indeed many types of digital photo frames on the market that can meet the diverse needs of users, but there are few digital photo frames designed specifically for the elderly. But that’s okay, Aeezo has launched a series of photo frames for the elderly. Connect the frame to the power supply, wait for the animation to finish, tap the center of the screen to display the function menu bar, and then select the option that matches your needs. The menu bar navigation is clearly divided into various functions at a glance, which can well assist the elderly in setting up the frame.

Why Aeezo Is the Best Choice for Sharing Family Photos?

When you go to school or work in another state, when you travel to Sri Lanka to experience the unique charm of a tropical island, send those memorable photos to your family with the help of the Aeezo digital photo frame so they can participate in your life remotely as well. Download the AiMOR app ( or Frameo app, the app used depends on the model of frame you purchased) on your phone, sync the app with your home digital WiFi frame, and then you can transfer photos and videos from your phone to the frame through the app. Without extra steps, your family can view the photos you send from around the world in the frame.

Why Aeezo Is the Best Way to Display Photos?

Previously obsolete digital photo frames have a common drawback that they compress the quality of photos, resulting in a less-than-ideal display. The Aeezo solves this problem well with its IPS Full HD touchscreen display, the resolution of 2048 x 1536 is enough to show all your photos in lossless quality. In addition, the Aeezo digital photo frame supports partial operation of the frame through the mobile app, so if the elderly encounter difficulties in using it, users can try to help solve it on the mobile.

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