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In the first year of the baby’s birth, their changes will be greater than in any subsequent period. During this period, there were many precious first times, from crying to smiling, from rolling over to learning to crawl, from smiling to first bites of food, and so on. I’m sure you will work very hard to capture these milestones and moments, even if the storage space of your camera and album is running low. But what are the precious moments that must be captured?

1. The baby’s newborn look

The first moment a baby comes into the world is the most important moment in his growth. As the starting point of a baby’s life, the birth baby photo is a warm memory that can be left for generations. Many parents consider the birth photo as an indispensable piece when making a growth book for their children. This is the first day the child comes to the world, and it starts from here to record every wonderful moment of the baby’s growth.

2. Happy smile

I believe nothing can brighten your day more than your baby’s sweet candy-like smile. Taking pictures of your baby’s smile and making a note of it is very memorable when you look back on them years later.

3. First food

It is an exciting moment when babies start to take their first bites of food and their movements and expressions will be very interesting. At the same time, this is also a landmark moment in the baby’s growth, well worth taking pictures to commemorate.

4. Photo of the first tooth

A baby’s first tooth usually comes in 6-8 months after birth, but it may take up to a year. It will be very cute when the baby grins and shows the teeth like small pearls that have just grown, which is also an important sign of the child’s growth.

5. First crawl

First it’s crawling, then it’s standing up, and finally it’s toddling! This is an important sign of your baby’s growth. Try adjusting the angle of your camera to take a picture from your baby’s point of view!

6. Cozy moments with parents

It’s true that babies are funny when they babble and laugh or are distressed, but the quiet moments when babies sleep in their parents’ arms are just as important. Babies often fall asleep snuggled up next to someone they know, record these cozy moments because children grow up faster than you think.

Digital photo frame suitable for recording photos of baby’s growth

If you want to keep all photos of your baby in one place, you can choose the Aeezo digital photo frame in addition to making a paper album. there are two big advantages of this Aeezo digital photo frame over paper albums. First, I believe that every parent wants to record every moment of their baby’s growth as much as possible, but this inevitably leads to the fact that you may have thousands of photos. This digital photo frame has a super large built-in storage space of 16GB for up to 30,000 photos, and if you have a very, very large number of photos, then it also supports SD card storage to ensure that you can display each of your photos. Secondly, if printing the photo on paper would more or less damage the quality, which sounds bad! This digital photo frame from Aeezo features an IPS FHD display with a resolution of up to 2048 * 1536, which can display every photo of your baby clearly and completely.

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