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User Manual

A, AEEZO Frame Initial Setup

  1. Plug in the power adapter included in the box to turn on the frame.
  2. You may need to wait for up to 15 seconds as the Frameo system is loading.
  3. Follow the prompts to set up the frame. You can use the touchscreen to navigate through the setup menus.

1) First start by selecting a language. This will be used as the system language and in all menus.

2) Connect your frame to the internet by selecting a Wi-Fi network and entering the password.

3) If a newer version of the Frameo software is available, then you will be prompted with an update dialog. It is recommended that you update your frame immediately if prompted.

4) Enter your name and the location where you will place the frame (e.g. “John Smith” and “Living room,” “Kitchen,” or “Office.”) Finally set the time zone if not correct.

4.Your frame is now online. You can proceed to link your frame to mobile devices and start sharing photos and videos.

B, Download the Frameo App on Your Phone

To share your special moments with AEEZO digital photo frames from anywhere in the world, start by downloading the free app Frameo on your mobile device. Search“Frameo”in the App Store (iOS) or on Google Play (Android) to download Frameo.Follow the prompts in the app to set up your profile, including your name and profile picture.

C, Connecting to a Frame

In order to send pictures to an AEEZO frame, you need to connect to the frame using the Frameo App. Follow the steps below to connect.

  1. Tap the add friend icon on your frame. A box will appear with a unique code which is valid for 12 hours.
  2. Now go to the Frameo app on your phone and click the add friend icon in the top right corner, then enter the code from the frame. Your mobile app is now connected to the frame.
  3. Share the frame code with your friends or family. They can add the frame and start sharing photos to the frame. There is no limit to the number of mobile users that can connect to the frame.

D, Sharing Photos/Videos

Once you have connected to a frame on the mobile app, you can select photos and videos to share to the frame. If sharing from your gallery, you can send up to 10 photos at a time or send one short video (up to 15 seconds). You can also take photos or video directly in the app.

E, Quick Menu

Simply tap the screen once, and the quick menu will appear. You can use this menu to adjust/hide the current photo and to access the gallery or other settings.


View all photos stored in the frame.


Enter the detailed settings menu.

  1. Hide Photo

Tap this to make the current photo no longer appear in the slideshow. The photo will not be deleted.

4.Fit to frame

The photo will be fully displayed on the frame in either orientation. Extra background space will be blurred out. This only applies to the current photo.

5.Fill frame

The photo will be cropped to fully fill the screen in either orientation. (Note: you can set the default display mode for all photos in Settings – Slideshow

6.Adjust Photo

Adjust which part of the photo is displayed while using fill frame mode.

F, Detailed Settings Menu

Tap the screen to access the quick menu, then tap the settings icon to view detailed settings and options for the frame. In settings, you can personalize your frame to meet your needs.

G, My Frame

1.Frame name

Changes the name of your frame. This name will also be seen by friends and family in their list of connected frames in the Frameo app.

2.Frame location

Changes the listed location of your frame. This location is displayed on your friends’ and family’s list of connected frames to help distinguish them from each other.

3.Set language

Sets the system language used throughout your frame.

4.Set time zone

Sets the time zone that will be used on your frame for features like sleep mode.

H, Manage Photos

1.Photos stored

Shows total number of photos/videos on the frame and amount of available storage space.

2.Show/hide photos

Select which photos to hide by clicking them once. Hidden photos will not be displayed in the slideshow, however, they will not be deleted and can always be unhidden for future use.

3.Delete photos

Select photos that you want to permanently delete from your frame by clicking them once.  Then click the trash can icon in the top right corner to permanently delete.

4.Import photos

You can import photos from an SD card or USB flash drive. Insert the SD card or USB flash drive, then select the photos that you want to import to your frame. Then click the import button in the top right corner to start importing. If both SD card and USB drive are inserted into the frame, it will only recognize the one that was inserted last. At this time, videos cannot be imported from external storage.

5.Export photos

You can use an SD card or USB flash drive to export all photos from the frame to external storage. Note that the frame does not support being plugged into a computer directly via USB.

I, My Friends

This page contains a list of all people that are allowed to send photos to your frame.

1.Friend settings

Here you can give permission for the friend to share the frame code with others. You can also delete a friend if you no longer want to receive photos from them.

2.Delete friend

To remove a person from your friends list, tap delete friend. They will no longer have permission to send photos to your frame. You also have the option to delete all photos from this person at the same time.

3.Add friend

To allow a new person to send you photos, simply tap the add friend button and share the frame code with that person. They will be added automatically once they connect to the frame through the mobile app.

J, Display

1.Brightness level

Adjust the brightness level of the screen.

2.Sleep mode

Sleep mode allows you to reduce power consumption by automatically turning off and waking up the device at set times. The default setting turns off the screen at 11:00 pm and wakes it up at 7:00 am. You can adjust the start/end time as desired.

(Note: Your frame is not powered down while sleep mode is on, so it will not affect your ability to receive photos.)

K, Slideshow


Define the duration each photo is displayed.

2.Show caption

Friends can add captions to photos when they share them to the frame. Check this option to display captions in the slideshow. Uncheck to hide captions.

3.Fill frame

You can choose between two modes as the default way to display photos.

Fill frame: Photos will be cropped to fully fill the screen in either orientation.

Fit to frame: Photos will be fully displayed on the frame in either orientation. Extra background space will be blurred out.

4.Photo display order

You can choose to display photos ordered by date or shuffled.


You can adjust video volumen, turn on/off autoplay, and change video playback mode.

L, Wi-Fi

Select a Wi-Fi network to connect to. If you are connecting to a network with a captive portal, a web browser icon should appear in top right corner of the screen. Click it to open a browser where you can enter credentials to access the network.

M, Notifications

Turn on/off notifications for a variety of items and adjust notification volume.

N, Backup and Restore

1.Back up frame to external storage

To back up the photos on the frame to an SD card, follow the below steps:

step 1: Insert SD card into the SD card slot.

step 2: Tap the screen and go to“Settings”

step 3: Go to“Backup and Restore”

step 4: Tap “Back up frame to external storage”

When complete, you will see“Last successful backup: (Date & Time)”appear under“Backup frame to SD card.”(Note: Any existing backup on the SD card will be overridden!)

2.Automatic backup

If checked, your frame will automatically make a backup within 30 hours of you receiving new photos or making changes on your frame.

3.Reset frame

Removes all data from your frame. This will permanently remove all your photos/videos, friends, and settings.

O, Help & About

1.Share anonymous analytics data

Sharing anonymous analytics data helps tremendously with improving the Frameo software. We understand if you do not wish to share this data with us. Set as checked if you wish to help us improve Frameo. Set unchecked to deny the sharing of anonymous analytics data.


Opens the quick start guide that is shown during initial setup of the frame.

3.Check for update

Check for available software updates and download/install them on your frame.




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