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Everyone may have several difficult times in their life. The past two years have been full of challenges and changes for most people. But fortunately, there are a number of ways we can keep our mood happy, such as looking back on warm memories. Research shows that looking back at precious events from the past can help comfort the present.


Save memories with photos

photo by Nicole-Michalou

Do you have the habit of taking photos of important moments? Important family milestones, such as weddings and birthdays, should never pass without a permit. Nowadays, many people like to take photos to record their life, even if it’s just everyday life. There is no need to prove that photographs have the power to evoke good memories. According to experts, looking at photos can activate the same emotions as when they were taken. That’s why it’s important to revisit old photos of happy memories, which can increase happiness and our sense of connection with others.


Share memories with friends

Memories tell the story of our lives. These past experiences, observations, and moments affect our sense of identity, relationships, and futures. Sharing memories allows people to experience happy moments again, at the same time, the person being shared can also gain positive power.  We’ve been spending more time at home in the last two years than ever, so share your favorite memories with your friends when they come over.


Looking back and forward


In good times, memories help us understand how far we’ve come, and they inspire us to aim for bigger goals.If we move forward without looking back, we will never know progress. If we keep looking back and never look forward, we’ll never know what it means to move on. Simply put: Learn from the past, but also learn from the past and move on. By doing both, we can improve ourselves while gaining the resilience we need to enjoy life to the full.

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