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IPS screen

You may have discovered that more and more electronic products choose to use IPS screens. So, what is the IPS screens and why should we choose IPS screens? After reading this article, you may have an answer.

IPS screens features

The poles are on the same side. Unlike other liquid crystal models, the electrodes are arranged in three dimensions, up and down.

The technique optimizes the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules horizontally. When subjected to external pressure, the molecular structure sinks slightly and the whole molecule is in a horizontal state.

When confronted with external force, the solid and stable molecular structure of hard LCD is better than soft LCD. It will not distort the picture, affect the color of the picture, and protect the picture to the greatest extent.

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Advantages of IPS screens

Fast response

IPS hard screen technology has changed the arrangement of liquid crystal molecular particles. Using horizontal conversion technology, the LCD response speed is faster and more stable. One advantage of horizontal conversion is that it speeds up the deflection of liquid crystal molecules when dealing with continuous dynamic images. The IPS hard screen has the advantage of fast response speed, which makes the motion track of the image more delicate and clear, and solves the troubling problems of image dragging and jitter.

When consumers enjoy high-speed moving pictures for a long time, the IPS hard screen can ensure clear, smooth and real effects, significantly reduce the irritation to the eyes, and basically meet the health requirements.


Large viewing Angle

The IPS hard panel viewing angle can reach 178 degrees. The degree of color change when viewed from the front and from different angles is called the color distortion rate. The value on the original IPS hard screen is almost indistinguishable by the naked eye, which means that the image looks the same from the front or the side.


The real color

This is a full display of the color fidelity features of the IPS hard screen. It features excellent color inversion and brightness conversion, enabling you to enjoy bright, saturated and natural images no matter from which Angle you view them.


Excellent picture

IPS hard-screen LCD TVs can perform dynamic high-definition images, suitable for moving image reproduction without residual shadows and tracking. It is an ideal carrier for watching digital HD images, especially fast motion pictures, such as competitions and action movies. The IPS hard screen has a unique horizontal molecular structure. It has no watermarks, shadows and flicker, and it is very stable to the touch. Therefore, it is suitable for TVs and public display devices with touch function.


Touch without water lines

Knowing the advantages of IPS screens, we can imagine that Jobs saw IPS screens with hard screen technology as suitable as touch screens. Wide visual angle, in the multi-person watching movies or playing racing and other gravity induction control games, obvious advantages. In addition, it has the characteristics of fast response speed and true color restoration, so IT chooses IPS as the display screen of its products.


Environmental protection energy-saving

IPS hard screen technology is another major innovation in energy saving technology. It consumes less power and are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. IPS hard screen technology creatively aligns the liquid crystal molecules horizontally, reducing the thickness of the liquid crystal layer and thus changing the light transmittance of the liquid crystal screen. In addition, the IPS hard screen uses bipolar drive technology to increase the pixel opening rate by 25%. Due to the increased light transmittance, reduce the power of the product backlight, thus achieving the effect of energy saving. Meanwhile, as a durable consumer product, it have a theoretical service life of more than 70,000 hours.


Color accuracy

IPS hard screen technology is favored by professionals to meet the harsh color requirements of professionals in design, printing, aerospace and other industries. Design and printing are the most demanding industries for color saturation and accuracy of color restoration. IPS has a very high contrast ratio, and the pure black layer is more clear. Therefore, designers generally believe that IPS hard liquid crystal can reduce the error between the design and the final product. Also, modern medicine relies heavily on scientific detection. The ideal black contrast effect of the IPS hard screen helps improve diagnostic speed and accuracy.  Comparatively speaking, the IPS panel has better consistency and more details, which is suitable for ultra-high gray level and fine display requirements.


Size advantage

In terms of LCD screen size, IPS has obvious advantages over older LCD screens. For example the 42 inches of the mainstream on market and 40 inches face plate, the 42 inches LCD TV that uses hard screen technology went up more than the 40 inches area of old LCD screen 67.58 square inches. This is not just the difference on 2 inches literal, however whole much a notebook computer. On the 42-inch screen, the full digital TV picture can be displayed, so consumers can enjoy the bigger picture of the game. And the 40-inch picture is slightly inferior, the small part of the corner is not displayed, the restored picture has a defect.

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