About The Device

No, it doesn’t run on battery. It is powered by an AC adapter and needs to be plugged in during use. 

 Yes, it is wall-mountable. 

No, there is no subscription fee.

It's always free for you to share your photos!

Yes, photos will be automatically rotated based on the orientation of the frame.

By default, pictures will be cropped to fill the frame. To ensure that photos are displayed fully in both orientations, you can select “fit to frame” in the settings. You can apply this setting to all pictures or change individual pictures manually at any time.

 AEEZO frame’s built-in 16GB memory can store 10,000-40,000 photos (On average, each photo is between 250KB and 1MB after compression). 

Aeezo digital frames all support photo sharing through the cloud. Our frames work with the popular photo sharing app Frameo, allowing you to send pictures through the cloud to as many frames as you want. Photo transfer is free for life, and data is unlimited. To protect your privacy, photos are sent using end-to-end encryption, and they are never stored in the cloud. 

 The date that the picture was sent to the frame will be displayed with the caption, but the date that the photo was taken is not displayed. 

 Yes, it can be left on all the time or programmed to turn off at night and wake up in the morning. 

 There’s no limit to how far away from the frame you can be when sending photos. As long as the frame is connected to wifi, it will be able to receive the new pictures you send. 

 By default, each picture will display for 10 seconds, then advance. You can also swipe back and forth to view photos of your choice. 


 It is compatible with both 110V and 220V. 

 Yes. All Aeezo frames come with a one-year warranty and lifetime customer service support. If you have questions or comments about our products, please feel free to contact us. 

 No, it doesn’t. We believe that less is more! Anything you’d want to do with a remote you can simply do by using the touchscreen directly. 


You can check time and date in the Settings menu under My frame → Set time zone.

If time is date is incorrect, try the following:

Check if you have selected the right time zone. This is done at the same place where you can see the time and date of the frame.
Check if the frame is connected to the internet. The date should update automatically when connected to the internet.
If it does not update after connecting, then reboot the frame. This should refresh the time.
If you are connected to a guest network or a similar network with limited access to the internet, it could be blocking the frame from being able to update the time. Try to connect to another network to see if this resolves the problem.
If the above steps all fail to resolve the issue, get in touch with the place where you bought your frame to replace it.

Yes. You can delete photos by going to settings and opening the “Manage photos” page. 

 Yes, you can share photos to multiple frames at the same time with the Frameo app. Connect all frames to your Frameo ID first, then choose the frames you want to share with when sending photos. 

 Yes, photos in the frame can be exported to external storage. Go to Settings → Manage photos → Export photos. 

You can set the display time of each photo from 1 second to 24 hours, but currently there isn’t a way to stop on one photo.

 No. Aeezo digital photo frames allow you to add as many friends as you want via the free Frameo app. Users can simply download Frameo, then enter the frame code to connect to it. 

 Yes. It is fine to ship the frame directly to your grandparents. Once they receive the frame, they can follow the guide to connect to Wi-Fi and find the unique frame code. You can use this code to connect to the frame and start sharing photos. 

 In order to receive new photos, you need to be connected to wifi. However, you can display photos that have already been received or uploaded without being connected.

We think that the best part of this frame is being able to receive pictures from family and friends whenever they have special moments throughout the day, so we recommend staying connected to wifi all the time.

No. Once you are connected to the frame, you will always be able to share photos, unless the frame owner removes you.

Yes. After pictures have been uploaded to the frame, Wi-Fi is not required to display them.

All aspect ratios are supported but will be cropped in different ways. In slideshow settings, there are different modes you can choose from.

1. Fill frame. In this mode, photos will be cropped in to fill the entire frame.

2. Fit to frame. In this mode, the entire photo will be displayed, while extra space around the border will be filled in with an automatic blurred background effect.

 The frame owner can ultimately decide who can and cannot add pictures to the frame. They can also hide or delete photos directly from the frame.

As a frame owner, you can share the unique frame code to anyone you’d like to allow access to your frame. Added users have access to send photos and videos to your frame at any time. If you decide you want to remove their access, you can do so directly from the frame in the “My Friends” menu.

 Please follow these steps:

1. Insert a micro SD card into the frame (up to 32 GB cards are supported).

2. Go into the Settings menu and then into “Manage photos”.

3. Click “Export photos”.

4. The frame will start exporting all the photos that you have on your frame – this may take a minute to finish.

5. Photos will be located on the SD card in a folder called “export”.

Each code valid for 12 hours, so yes, if people are connecting at different times they will need a new code.

There are two ways to find the code:

Option 1:

Tap the screen during slideshow and click the “add friend” icon. Frame code will be generated.

Option 2:

Tap screen → Settings → My friends, then tap the add friend icon in the top right corner. Frame code will be generated.

Sending Photos

For security reasons, we don’t store your photos in the cloud. As such, you can’t use a computer to download pictures that have been sent to your frame. However, you can copy the photos from the frame onto a storage card (SD, micro SD, or USB drive depending on the specific model) and then transfer them to a computer or other device.

The USB 2.0 port is for importing or exporting photos from USB drive to the frame.

It does not support displaying photos directly from a USB drive.

Yes! Each user just needs to download the Frameo app, set up their user name, then enter the code you send them to connect to your frame.

Distance isn't an issue. Share your moments anytime, anywhere with AEEZO Frame via the free Frameo App.

Currently, the Frameo app only allows you to send 10 photos at once. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you wish to transfer larger amounts of photos to a frame, we suggest importing photos to the frame with an SD card.

Yes, click the picture and select “share external,” then choose the Frameo app to complete the request.

Yes. You can send up to 10 photos at a time, and there is no restriction on how many recipients you want to send these photos to at the same time.

Yes, you can.

Aeezo frames support importing and exporting photos from a USB drive, SD card, or microSD card, depending on the model.

In order to protect your privacy, pictures can only be sent to Aeezo frames through the Frameo app or from external storage (e.g. SD card). Frameo uses end-to-end encryption, which means that pictures are sent securely, decrypted locally on your frame, and not stored on a server.

When the frame is not connected to Wi-Fi, you can upload your photos via USB or SD/microSD storage (depending on frame model.)

If your frame is offline when photos are sent from the Frameo app, the transfer will be put on hold. Once the frame is reconnected to wifi, the app will attempt to send the photos again. On Android devices the app will do this automatically in the background*, while on iOS devices the app needs to be opened for it to retrigger the transfer.

*You can toggle this feature on/off in the app settings.

Sending Videos

Aeezo frames support mp4 videos of 15 seconds or less.

Yes, pictures and video show up together.

You can share up to 10 photos at a time or one video up to 15 seconds.

Yes, video files are currently limited to 15 seconds.


Yes! Frameo is a secure app that uses end-to-end encryption. To protect your privacy, your photos are never stored in the cloud, and when transferring, they can only be decrypted on the intended recipient’s frame.