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Love is Shareing

Aeezo smart digital photo frame to share photos via free app.

Aeezo is a smart frame you can
share photoswith your family anywhere.

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10″Digital Frame

10″2048 * 1536 (2K) FHD Display



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10.1" Digital Frame

1280*800 IPS HD Display



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8”Digital Frame

1280*800 IPS HD Display



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9" Moving Digital Frame

1280*800 IPS HD Display



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4.8 ave. rating | 4.2K ratings
4.7 ave. Rating | 2.1k ratings
4.6 ave. Rating | 3k ratings
4.5 ave. Rating | 2.4K ratings

The way to share your photos & videos to
frame anywhere


APP Send Photos

Use the APP for iOS or Android, send photos in seconds

USB connection

USB transfer photos to photo frame

SD card storage

SD card to save photos to the photo frame

Check out our featured frames

● IPS HD Display

● Picture & Video play

● Touch Screen

● Auto Rotation & Carousel

● Date & Weather Display

● Sleeping Time

Easy Setup and Sharing
Easily set up your frame to send
pictures & videos

Connect frame to WiFi

Download the APP

Add more friends

Share Your photos to frame

large storage

16G storage, more than 10000+ photos

Privacy and security

no cloud system All photos are only
stored in your photo frame.

The Perfect Gift For Your Family

Living far from family can be hard. Aeezo digital frames help you stay connected by giving you a place to share your everyday special moments with those you love. Send pictures through the connected app, and they can show up on your recipient’s frame within seconds! The simple interface makes it easy for anyone to use, regardless of how tech-savvy they are!

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Send a Photo To Mom Every Day

All love is in the photo frame,Send a photo to parents every day.

30-day money-back guarantee:

All orders support a 30-day money-back agreement

Shipping to the US & EU:

US & EU warehouse, shipping as long as 3-7 days.

One year warranty:

We’re just a phone call or email away.

Customer support:

professional customer service team will solve any problems for you.


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Smart display is one of the best ways to display photos. Aeezo digital photo frame is an easy-to-use digital photo frame. It is easy to set up and transfer photos so that the elderly can use it easily. It is the best gift designed for parents. Our team is composed of passionate professionals, aiming to create digital photo frames that are easy to use and worth buying. Aeezo pays attention to every detail and adheres to the strictest quality standards. We hope to quickly convey our love for family members in the simplest way! Aeezo is a brand that loves family life. Since its establishment, it has helped hundreds of thousands of families to pass tens of millions of photos, making the way of sharing their lives easier and simpler. Aeezo digital photo frame simply design and use the interface, let it can be easily used by everyone, and it is undoubtedly the best gift for parents.

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